#031 – Life Hacks 105

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Jonny & Yusef from PropaneFitness.com join me for another episode detailing our favourite apps, websites, resources and tools for a productive and efficient life.

Expect to learn; How can you run a business working an hour a day? What is the most efficient sleeping posture? Is Philips Hue any good? Why does a Muslim upbringing give you an obsessional level of toilet hygiene? Why should you eat a kilo of broccoli every day? And an awful lot more.

Below you will find links to everything we reference, including as many referral & discount codes as we could find! Enjoy.


Book: The 6 Minute Diary

Shattaf Bidet

A kilo of broccoli



Book: Living With A Seal

Joe Rogan Experience: #1127 Jesse Itzler

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Drip Coffee Filter

Stop saying gay, start saying lame.

Digital is not always better. Forget smart lights.

Newer books rarely beat classics, they’re called classics for a reason.

Book: Happy – Darren Brown

Do I Need To Go And Get Lex?

Dropbox – (free signup with free extra storage)

Be Focussed Pro

Focus Matrix

Dr Euan Lawson Podcast

The Red Queen Effect

The Art Of Less Doing

The Push-Away Handshake.

Blading for moving through a crowd.

Remembering things that have happened during a night to determine drunkness.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

Kelly Starrett Neck Shoulders & Pillow

Kelly Starrett Sleeping Position

Kelly Starrett Lower Body Sleeping Support

Pregnancy Pillow

Extra Stuff:

Take a break from alcohol and upgrade your life: 6 Months Sober

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