3 Minute Monday – Desires, Liberal Women & Wealth

Hi friend,

I’ve just finished my first ever live tour around the UK & Ireland.

One of the most surreal experiences I’ve ever had.

So terrifying and exciting and beautiful.

This whole week felt like a dream.

Thank you to everyone who came out, seeing thousands of you in the flesh is very different to seeing play counts on Spotify.

Other exciting news – we’re entirely sold out of Neutonic everywhere, in the UK & US.

That stock was supposed to last until Christmas – whoops.


This Thursday we are launching a brand new Neutonic flavour and it’s absolute dynamite.

So so so insanely good.

Both mine & James’ favourite flavour.

I cannot wait for you to try this one.

Next day delivery on Amazon Prime in UK & US, so you can order Thursday and drink it Friday.

Anyway, this week I’ve been thinking about how our desires get hijacked.

“It’s one thing to get what you want.

But it’s another thing to want what’s worth getting.” — Shane Parrish

This is the danger of not spending time working out what you want to want.

Your life should be lived by design, not default.

Kyle Eschenroeder explains it beautifully…

Blindly following your desires makes you a slave to your impulses — slave to the assumptions of those around you, the advertisements you’re exposed to, and the confused chemical signals of your body.

If we don’t pause and ask ourselves what we want to want, we will spend our lives focused on unhealthy aims defined for us by others and the worst parts of ourselves.

We will pass these bad assumptions about life onto our children and loved ones.

We will reinforce these boring, desperate defaults in everyone we encounter.

To achieve freedom we must be able to think for ourselves.

If we don’t cut to the core and program our wants (our desires) then our best-case scenario is to be a successful, rich, or famous slave.

If we never peer into our programming then we may end up being the cleverest rat in the room, but that’s hardly worth celebrating.

In short – your default factory settings are absolute rubbish.

Do not follow them.

People who do will never actualise their potential, either for happiness or success.

“They do not what they intended but what they happen to run across” — Seneca

Our desires define our own paths of least resistance.

Through deliberate training that at first feels tedious, we can eventually arrive at a point where we actually want what we want to want.

Your life should be lived by design, not default.


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This week’s upcoming episodes:

Max Lugavere – one of the best voices on nutrition breaks down the terrifying link between diet and mental health, with some great insights on what to eat to slow cognitive decline.

Jim Kwik – the world’s #1 brain training expert on how to improve your memory, speed up your learning and more. Absolute monster episode.

Tracy Vaillancourt – fascinating insights around the evolutionary psychology of female rivalry, how women compete with each other and what bullying does to a developing brain. So good.


Gen Z women are more liberal, Gen Z men are more conservative.

The American Survey Centre interviewed 5000+ Americans.

Gen Z is working less than past generations.
Fewer have had boyfriends/girlfriends.
Fewer drink or smoke, but feel more isolated.
They’re less likely to have spent time with friends as teenagers.
7 in 10 play video games.
1 in 3 Gen Z women are LGBT.

Gen Z women are much more likely to report being disrespected by the opposite sex than women of past generations.

Gen Z women are disproportionately liberal and are also the most feminist and most LGBTQ-identifying generation ever.

Gen Z men are less liberal and feminist than Millennials, and perhaps even show a significant decline in support for gay marriage. — h/t American Survey Centre & Derek Thompson

Brothers are more similar in wealth than body type.

“Income among brothers is more closely correlated than height or weight.

That means that if you have a brother who is tall and rich, you are more likely to become rich than you are tall.” — Morgan Housel

Betteridge’s Law.

Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word “no.”


Flying isn’t always quicker.

I always forget this.

Even though a flight might be less travel time to a destination, the time you need to waste getting to the airport, going through security, boarding the plane, then doing it all again at the other end often makes it longer than driving or getting a train.

Did the Manchester > London journey on Saturday on the train.

Laptop, nice sandwich and crap wi-fi.

Arrived in 2 hours. Easy work.

Big love,
Chris x

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