3 Minute Monday – Offence, Short Men & Ignorance

3 Minute Monday

Hi friend,

The big, cinematic Modern Wisdom productions have been sparse for the last couple of months.

Scheduling with guests has been difficult to line up.

But that period is now over and hoooo boy the remainder of 2023 looks absolutely ridiculous.

Episodes coming up in Stuart, Florida this Friday, Santa Monica July, LA August, UK September, Miami October and UK November.

Epic guests, on even bigger sets, with more insane lighting and camera tricks that have never been attempted on podcasts before. I can’t wait.

Anyway, onto something I realised this week…

You’re cancelled.

And so am I.

“The bitter truth we may need to swallow is this: thanks to our internet-interconnectedness, we are all already cancelled, whether on the left, right, or in the middle, we just have not been pointed out to the swarm yet.” — Peter Limberg

In the modern world, there are an ever-increasing cohort of people who will take offence.

The guard rails of what is deemed acceptable speech have been brought in.

Outlandish terms are used to describe mediocre transgressions.

This is called Concept Creep.

As a social issue such as racism or sexual harassment becomes rarer, people react by expanding their definition of it, creating the illusion that the issue is actually getting worse.

The problem is that the volume of potentially offensive messages you’re exposed to, and the volume of people who will potentially take offence at anything you say, have both rapidly increased.

“The combination of the digital age constantly exposing us to new outrages and cultural elites constantly creating new outrages out of nothing has skyrocketed the number of outrages we now face.

In a world prickling with provocations, we cannot let our sensitivities roam free.

If we allow ourselves to be goaded by every visible indignation, we’ll be endlessly distracted from our goals, and easily controlled by emotional manipulators like trolls, disinformation agents, and demagogues.

I block the easily outraged because they’re the foot-soldiers of the mob, who in the old days would’ve lynched people over neighbourhood rumours.

Those without self-control are soon controlled by others; they’re the useful idiots of ideologues, the tools of tyranny.” — Gurwinder Bhogal

Million-to-one odds happen 8 times a day in New York City.

The Law Of Very Large Numbers says that if you create a big enough audience, very unlikely outlier-events begin to happen regularly.

Maybe no normal, sane person would take offence at your perspective on tipping serving staff or that joke you just made about the French.

But when the entire internet can see what you just posted, the Law Of Very Large Numbers kicks in and will find a bunch of people who deem your stance reprehensible.

If you need any more proof, just look at any comment section of an episode I post about the dating market.

I’ll be accused of being a bigoted misogynist AND a blue pilled cuck from people on both sides of the aisle, who are literally watching the same video and drawing totally opposite conclusions.

You cannot please everyone, regardless of what you say.

So just say what you want, whatever you believe is true, and then put your phone away and go touch some grass.


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This week’s upcoming episodes:

Michael Kasumovic – absolutely fascinating. Insights from evolutionary psychology on violent video games, female competition, whether men can grow beards cos our ancestors used them to dampen taking punches on the chin and more.

Jack Carr – ex SEAL and author of The Terminal List series discusses crazy war stories from his time in the special forces, American patriotism, threats from China, his writing process and getting cancelled by the Legacy Media.

Emily Morse – why is everyone having such bad sex? Podcasting’s resident sexologist and improver of bedroom-activities explains her key principles for a scientifically backed, flourishing sex life.


Selecting for height is prioritised above intelligence.

“When people select for height on dating apps, they often end up filtering out over half the population.

That means, if they really thought about it (which I don’t think they do) they care about height more than everything else, including moral character, intelligence… it’s absolutely insane.” — Jonathan Anomaly

The willingness to be disliked is a super power.

“If you develop the willingness to be disliked, you will inevitably have the courage to do the hard things that most people are not willing to do.

This will then imbue your life with a sense of meaning and importance. It will also likely lead to success that others will be too intimidated to go after.

But I would go even further than this.

I would argue that until you’re comfortable with the disapproval of others, you are not truly a free individual yourself.

You must develop the ability to be disliked in order to free yourself from the prison of other people’s opinions.

Learn to do what’s right even if others might think it’s wrong.

Learn to tolerate criticism and negative feedback because that’s what will make you better.

Learn to be laughed at, hated on and trolled, because if you can become comfortable with the hate, you’ll be fucking unstoppable.” — Mark Manson

Ignorance creates overconfidence.

“Not knowing stuff is fine; the real problem is that we don’t know that we don’t know.

Ignorance plus ignorance about your ignorance is a recipe for overconfidence.” — Adam Mastroianni


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Big love,
Chris x

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