3 Minute Monday – Phone Use, Genetics & Monkeys

3 Minute Monday

Hi friend,

I don’t know a single person who doesn’t wish that they spent less time on their phone.

Here’s 5 strategies for controlling your phone use…

1. Sleep with your phone outside of your bedroom.

If you only do one thing, make it this.

An instant 10% increase in quality of life.

You can ruin tomorrow before tomorrow has even begun by having your phone next to your bed.

Move the charger now; a single decision with many benefits.

(Hardcore version: no phone allowed in bedroom at all at any time)

2. Never use your phone in a parked car.

You rush through traffic to get to the gym or to go home, only to sit and look at your phone for 10 minutes before you get out.

Use the trigger of parking up to put your phone away and save yourself time.

(Hardcore version: only ever put your phone in the boot of your car)

3. Have a phone-free morning routine.

Begin your day proactively, not reactively.

The longer you don’t touch your phone on a morning, the more productive you will be.

Intermittent fasting works because it’s easy to follow, so is this.

Set yourself a time target which you won’t pick your phone up before and extend that each week.

(Hardcore version: set an earliest start and latest end time – literally intermittent fasting for your phone)

4. Only use your phone standing up.

Sounds silly but it really works.

You’re more likely to stay on your phone when you’re sedentary and comfortable on a couch or in bed.

Create some behavioural friction by only using social media if you’re standing up.

You’ll be less likely to linger for longer than you need to if a comfortable seat is waiting for you.

(There is no hardcore version of this. Doing a handstand or going outside or something is excessive, even for me)

5. Log out of social media apps after you use them.

You usually don’t NEED to use social media, you’re just doing it habitually.

Add in some additional digital friction and it’ll force you to think “do I REALLY need to use this? Do I need it enough to be bothered to log back in?”

More often than not – you find out that the answer is no.

(Hardcore version: delete apps in between uses)


I do a podcast which has had 20 million+ downloads. You should subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

This week’s upcoming episodes:

James Nestor – an awesome breakdown of the research into how breathing impacts our health, mindset, sleep efficiency, athletic performance and more.

Stephen McGinty – the story of the world’s deepest ever submarine rescue from the Atlantic Ocean in 1973, super interesting.

Unsure yet. Maybe Rich Diviney, creator of the Navy Seal’s Mind Gym mental preparation system.


The single most impactful decision in your children’s future, happiness, IQ, education outcomes and success in life is the partner whose genes you make them with.

A full length 2-hour episode with Behavioural Geneticist Robert Plomin goes live next week, it’s one of the most worldview-changing episodes I’ve done.

Here’s some of the most interesting insights…

“All psychological traits show significant and substantial genetic influence.” – on average, 50% of everything you are behaviourally is from your genetics.

No other single influence has as much impact on children’s lives than the genetics they’re created from

On average, IQ correlates with your parents’ at 80% by late adulthood.

On average, weight correlates 30% with your parents. If you’re adopted, it correlates 0% with your adoptive parents and still 30% with your genetic parents.

“DNA isn’t all that matters, but it matters more than anything else, and it matters more than everything else put together in determining who we are.”


“Parents matter, but they don’t make a difference.”

Robert Plomin is the 71st most cited psychologist of the 20th century and has run the largest and most clinically detailed twin studies in history to tease out the difference between nature & nurture.

Conspiracies are so hot right now.

New support for conspiracy theories in America polled by YouGov:

Moon landings did not occur = 12%

Have favourable view of QAnon = 13%

Vaccines cause autism = 17%

Vaccines used to microchip population = 20%

Millions of illegal votes were cast 2020 = 40%

Dildo monkeys aren’t good for reading.

An actor in a bare-bottomed monkey suit with a fake penis was hired by a council, in a bizarre stunt aimed at getting children to read.

The man appeared at a Summer Reading Challenge event run by Redbridge Council in east London.

To represent the theme “wild world heroes”.

But the stunt sparked outcry from parents and MPs, who queried whether a “Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey” was a suitable advocate for child literacy.

The council blamed a third-party contractor for the mishap, adding: “This will never happen again.”


boohooMAN’s Active Joggers.

I’m fully blown away by how good the boohooMAN kit is.

Their Active Range is ridiculously comfortable, their jeans are great and their t-shirts and shirts fit perfectly.

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Which is insane given how cheap it is already.

Shop on boohooMAN.

(girls – I’m still trying to sort a Boohoo discount, I promise)

Big love,
Chris x

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