3 Minute Monday – Presence, Racists & Compliments

3 Minute Monday

Hi friend,

“20 years from now you’d give anything to be this exact age, exactly this healthy, in this exact moment.

Take a second to enjoy it.” — Richard Webster

We trade the thing we want (time) for the thing which is supposed to get it (money).

We give up time to make money so that we can finally have more time when we have enough money.

We give up happiness to achieve success so that we can finally enjoy happiness when we achieve enough success.

“However much you feel you need to plan for the future, to anticipate it, to mitigate risks, the reality of your life is now.

Even when we think we’re in the present moment, we’re, in very subtle ways, always looking over its shoulder, anticipating what’s coming next.

We’re always solving a problem.

And it is possible to simply drop your problem, if only for a moment.” — Sam Harris

Many, maybe all, of the things we do, are an attempt to give ourselves a good enough reason to just be here, existing in the present moment.

Being choked during sex stops the chatter of our mind, as does drugs, as does alcohol, and fighting, and reading, and dancing on a beach to a DJ as the sun sets.

Our goal as awakened humans should be to lower the required height of the stimulus bar to a level where you can be present without having any of these inputs.

“If you can’t be present with a coffee, you won’t be present on a yacht.”

Think about how many times your presence has been hijacked by fears or worries or hopes for problems of the future, or regrets & victories around problems of the past.

As you flee from boredom before it even rears its head with a screen in your pocket.

We are so averse to time without distraction that we’ve become addicted to solving problems, so much so that our minds create problems purely for the purpose of solving them.

What we truly have is this moment.

Take a couple of minutes to put your phone down, allow your eyes to relax into the peripherals of your vision and enjoy a few uninterrupted breaths.

Holy fuck man we’re alive.

How astronomically insane is that.

A random collection of matter coalesced into a form that can contemplate its own existence for 4000 weeks before it vanishes forever.

You must find a way to enjoy it.


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Bryan Johnson – the man who’s trying to live to 120 years old. Spending $2m+ per year on cutting edge longevity treatments and researchers. Interesting stuff.

Ed Hagen – the evolutionary psychology of depression and anxiety. Why did evolution give humans the capacity for depression? Why are women more anxious than men? How can strength help your mental health?

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The Compliment Gap must be fixed.

“Women receive 74% of all compliments; men receive 26% of them.

Women give 68% of all compliments; men give 32% of them.

Both women and men supply three times more compliments to women than to men.” — Rob Henderson

Evolution hates satisfaction.

Your body and genes are not adapted to make you feel satisfied.

Remembering this helps existence make a lot more sense.

People are more politically racist than racially racist.

“Someone had the bright idea of doing an Implicit Association Test with political parties

They found that people’s unconscious partisan biases were half again as strong as their unconscious racial biases.

For example, if you are a white Democrat, your unconscious bias against blacks (as measured by something called a d-score) is 0.16.

But your unconscious bias against Republicans will be 0.23” — Scott Alexander


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