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Hi friend,

I’ve been quietly hinting about it for months and this Friday I am finally launching my first ever product.

It’s taken over 12 months of development and building to make.

So many late nights and calls and iterations and arguments, but it was so worth it to create the perfect product and I’m honestly so proud of what we’ve made.

It is exactly what I’ve always wanted and have now been secretly using for the last few months.

Hold on tight to find out more later this week!

In other news, my brand new 3+ hour podcast episode with Dr Andrew Huberman is now live.

He’s the biggest health & fitness podcaster on the planet for a reason and this episode is a total beast.

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My chat with Jimmy Carr a few weeks ago inspired an idea, I’ve been reflecting on how your trajectory is way more important than your position.

If you’re #2 in the world but last year you were #1, that is way worse than sitting at #150 but being on a huge upward slope from #300 12 months ago.

There’s a few reasons for this.

Recency bias – if your value is increasing right now, that means you have to be popular at the moment.

By looking at recent trajectory, you are selecting for only the people who are trendy right now, which is all we can remember.

We also can romanticise where someone will be in future if they’re currently hot stuff.

How high might they climb?

Who knows, maybe to the top, maybe beyond the top.

Humans struggle to realise that everything is temporary, including growth and decline.

Instead it’s easier to label people as heroes and losers based on what we know of them right now so we don’t have to predict a messy future.

“There’s an old saying there’s three types of people on a ladder, one at the bottom, one at the middle, one at the top.

Which is the best one to be?

The one that’s still climbing.” — Ryan Long

This doesn’t just work for status but for possessions, achievements, wealth, sex, everything.

And it’s not just how we see other people, it’s also how we see ourselves.

We know when we’ve moving up or down, when life is getting better or worse.

Andrew Tate said “Having things isn’t fun, getting things is fun.”

Another way to look at it is this…

Any accomplishment is just a new, higher bar for you to get over in future.

I see this in my own work.

Let’s say we do a new episode that hits a million plays in a day.

Amazing! That’s very exciting and a new record.

Wow, also that means that every video in future is now going to feel unimpressive until we hit 1.1m or higher.

In this way, rapid increases in success are more a curse than a blessing.

So here’s a theory, which got co-signed by Dan Bilzarian this weekend, so you know it’s legit.

Even though we might want our goals and accomplishments to arrive immediately, maybe a smarter strategy is to stretch out the achievements of our dreams.

We shouldn’t wish for overnight success as we would then need to be able beat it pretty soon, lest we feel like we’re declining.

Instead, slow, consistent progress is a more reliable way to maintain satisfaction.

Purposefully aiming for a Slow Success Strategy may actually ensure you always feel like you’re going in the right direction.


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This week’s upcoming episodes:

Dr Andrew Huberman – the #1 health & fitness podcaster on the planet talks longevity, vaping, alcohol, breathing, stress, productivity and so much more.

Alexander DatePsych – why are so many people checking out of the dating market, do women actually prefer dad bods, why do normie guys actually get the girl?

16 Lessons From 700 Episodes – my first solo episode in a while, some of my favourite insights on comparison, confidence, enlightenment and a ton more. Really fun one.


A huge list of red flags.

“Researchers polled over 1,000 registered US voters aged 18-34.

A majority of both women and men consider far-rightism and far-leftism to be red flags in a potential partner.

76% of women and 59% of men consider “identifying as a MAGA Republican” to be a major turn-off.

64% of men and 55% of women said they’d also swipe left on someone identifying as a communist.

55% of women said that listening to Joe Rogan was a red flag, 35% men.

41% of men said the same for a women being into astrology, 20% women.

33% of men for “they say Black Lives Matter”, 14% women.

53% of women for “they refuse to see the Barbie movie, 31% men.

58% of women for “they say there are only 2 genders”, 34% men.

54% of women for “they identify as conservative, 35% of men.

33% of men for “they identify as liberal”, 19% of women.

So, the next time you’re vibing with someone, maybe save the podcast recommendations and daily horoscopes for the second date.” — Change Research & William Costello

You are a time machine.

“The faster you go, the less time you experience.

It’s like god is inviting you to explore the universe.” — Andy Weir

Challenge breeds resilience.

“It’s a fascinating paradox that the most resilient people have usually lived through hell.

And those that have had very nice privileged lives are often the most fragile among us.” — Seerut Chawla


Say yes to more dinners.

If you’re a daytime hermit like me, spending your evenings being social is a nice way to periodise your isolation.

And ensure you don’t turn into too much of a basement dweller and forget how to talk to other humans when you’re working hard.

Big love,
Chris x

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