3 Minute Monday – Sacrifice, Smart Virgins and Socrates

3 Minute Monday

Hi friend,

Some updates on the next few weeks for me…

I’m off to Vegas next weekend to record with Alex Hormozi, then LA for a day, on Monday I fly 16 hours from LA to Qatar for the Doha Debates where I’ll be debating “Is Masculinity Under Attack?” on Thursday, and finally I’m going from Qatar to Dubai for 2 days before flying home to Austin on the Sunday.

Publishing schedule is not going to stop, but I’m gonna be tired so please throw me goodwill and pray for my sleep.

I’ve been thinking this week about people who succeed at things they don’t enjoy.

We sacrifice the thing we want (happiness) for the thing which is supposed to get it (success).

If we make ourselves miserable in the pursuit of success because we believe that success will make us happy, why not just shortcut everything and do something we actually enjoy?

Is your happiness aimed at fulfilling you? Or impressing everyone else?

One of my favourite writers Adam Mastroianni explains what happens when people sacrifice their happiness and passions in order to achieve success.

“This is an extra special type of tragedy, a tragedy that unfolds while everyone cheers.

Strangling your passions in exchange for an elite life is like being on the Titanic after the iceberg, water up to your chin, with everybody telling you that you’re so lucky to be on the greatest steamship of all time.

And the Titanic is indeed so huge and wonderful that you can’t help but agree, but you’re also feeling a bit cold and wet at the moment, and you’re not sure why.” — Adam Mastroianni

Strangling your passions in exchange for an elite life.

SO good.

What is the point in success if the road to get there is paved with nails and the you don’t care about the place you arrive at in the end?

Even Mr Bugatti Andrew Tate says “having things isn’t exciting. Getting things is exciting, but once you have them, it’s not that fun”.

The journey is the destination.

Don’t strangle your passions in return for an elite life.


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This week’s upcoming episodes:

Dr Jonathan Anomaly – genetic enhancement and embryo selection is here. What are the ethics of being able to choose the height, athletic ability, IQ, personality and even morality of our children? Fascinating.

Adam Lane Smith – one of my favourite psychotherapists returns to discuss some of his favourite harsh psychology truths. Why don’t men understand what turns women on? Why are so many couples in therapy who don’t need it?

Episode 600 – a solo episode where I go through 15 of my favourite lessons from the last 600 episodes from Andrew Schulz, Douglas Murray, Alex Hormozi, Gurwinder Bhogal and more.


Smart guys finish last.

“Adolescents with an IQ of 130 were 3-5 times less likely to have had intercourse than those with average IQ.

Boys with an IQ that would qualify for intellectual disability (60) were still more likely to have had sex than those with a very high IQ (130)” — Ideas Sleep Furiously/Halpern et al., 2000.

Getting rid of SAT testing doesn’t help poor kids.

Columbia University will no longer require applicants to send SAT or ACT scores for undergraduate admissions, making it the first Ivy League institution to adopt test-optional policies indefinitely.

This delighted some testing critics who allege the SAT and ACT pose barriers to disadvantaged students, especially students of colour, who can’t afford the same tutoring as their wealthier counterparts.

Interestingly, standardised tests have been eliminated, but legacy admissions have not.

The elites are using poor kids as pawns to eliminate standardised testing. Which helps raise up their own kids – rich kids who “don’t test well.”

Rich families know how to strategically boost their GPAs, get recommendation letters from important people, stack their resumes with extracurriculars, and use the right slogans in their admissions essays. They have “polish.”

Applicants from the most affluent families excel at these games.

Smart kids from poor backgrounds who can raise themselves up with genuine talent are now more disadvantaged than ever.

h/t Rob Henderson & Higher Ed Dive

There is such a thing as too much Socrates.

“The overexamined life is also not worth living.” — Jim Harrison


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Thank you to everyone who came to say hi in Miami this weekend, I hope you enjoyed my talk.


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