3 Minute Monday – Mental Health, Chickens & Dogs

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, It was World Mental Health Day on Saturday. Mental Health is a topic incredibly close to my heart so I published a post about it on my Instagram. Below is an extended version of that post… I’ve spent days in bed crushed under the sheer weight of existence. I’ve drowned in […]

3 Minute Monday – Setbacks, Peacocks & Vision

3 MINUTE MONDAY Hi friend, We’re thinking about setbacks today. On that note – I’m walking without crutches, finally! Still in my big moonboot to protect my achilles but I’m out of that next week and back in normal shoes again with crutches. It’s been a very challenging last few months. As someone who is […]

3 Minute Monday – Murder, Fame & Reading

3 MINUTE MONDAY Hi friend, I’ve been thinking a lot about fame recently. Why people want it. What fame is useful for. And how it is achieved. If the 19th century was the industrial revolution, the 21st century is the fame revolution. A study in 2007 found that the #1 value for kids was fame. […]

3 Minute Monday – Sleep, Sex & Plastic

3 MINUTE MONDAY Hi friend, The world is split into two groups as far as I can see. Those who understand the importance of sleep. And those who don’t. I’m going to spend the next 90 seconds convincing you to prioritise it. This isn’t a throwback to your mum telling you to get to bed […]

3 Minute Monday – Pencils, Self-Talk & Action

3 MINUTE MONDAY Hi friend, Did you know that if you have a dog, the chance of you ensuring that they complete their course of antibiotics is over 90%? However the likelihood of you completing your own course is less than 50%. This disparity identifies something about our nature. It is much easier to look […]

3 Minute Monday – Decisions, Urine & Virginity

3 MINUTE MONDAY Hi friend, I’m still readjusting to being vertical and still totally defeated by stairs BUT I’m allowed to train again starting this weekend. Chest & arms & achilles for the remainder of 2020. Swoly Grail incoming. Today we’re thinking about how to make good decisions. The quality of your life depends upon […]

3MM: Gas, Singletons & Suggestions

Hi friend, Ya boi’s out of his cast and allowed to be vertical again. Yessssnow. I never thought I’d be so happy just to be permitted to stand up but here we are. 2020 for you. Today I want to talk about Gassing Your Friends Up. Gas Your Friends Up is a concept I arrived […]

3MM: Resilience, Psychopaths & Tinder

Hi friend, It’s been a tough week. In fact, I’m coming out of probably the worst, most painful, suffering-filled few days I can remember. Nice & uplifting on a Monday I know. But you’ve got the rest of the internet to tell you comforting platitudes, maybe you’ll learn something from this. Without going into gory […]

3MM: Inaction, Wokefishing & Genetics

Hi friend, My foot is now reattached to my leg. Achilles rupture repair isn’t as painful as you’d expect at the time, but becomes pretty uncomfortable after a few days. As such, I’m currently on a fairly moderate dose of opiates. So… if there’s spelling errors, confused analogies or incorrect links in this email, it’s […]

3MM: Problems, Dark & WhatsApp

Hi friend, I’m still here. Achilles still very detached from my leg but that’s going to change this Wednesday when I go in for surgery. Thank you to everyone who’s reached out to me, it’s been overwhelming. Obviously I’ve had a lot of time to think and reflect this week. It sounds trite, but becoming […]