The Key Insight For Overcoming Jealousy

Naval Ravikant has this amazing quote where he’s talking about how he overcame jealousy… “I realised that all these people that I was jealous of, I couldn’t just cherry-pick and choose little aspects of their life. I couldn’t say I want his body, I want her money, I want his personality. You have to be […]

Why We Want People To Think That We Are Normal

Many of us, most of us, spend an inordinate amount of time trying to appear normal. We lie, omit, persuade and cajole, not because of some nefarious ulterior motive but out of sheer terror that the people around us might realise quite how odd we truly are. It’s not that we’re bad or deceptive, it’s […]

How To Rewrite Your Lockdown Experience With This Psychological Hack

Your memory is not an accurate record of events. In a very real sense we don’t remember what happened, we remember our interpretation of what we think happened. Our memory of experiences in life are a series of snapshots, not a complete catalogue of events. Our minds highlight the snapshots which stand out most and […]