#318 – Steven Laureys – The Neuroscience Of Meditation

Steven Laureys is a neurologist, Professor of Neurology & Director at Coma Science Group and an author. Meditation and mindfulness practise has gained a lot of popularity over the last few decades. But the effects are inherently difficult to observe because they’re internal, thankfully Steven is one of the leading clinicians and researchers in the […]

#317 – Cal Newport – How To Master Your Email Overload

Cal Newport is an associate professor of computer science at Georgetown University and an author. Email has changed the way we collaborate and work. Free, frictionless, instant communication sounds great, but many workers are tyrannised by their email inbox, no matter how many productivity tools they add in. Cal is proposing a new type of […]

#316 – Steven Dudley – MS-13: America’s Most Notorious Gang

Steven Dudley is the Director of InSight Crime, a crime & public security reporter and an author. MS-13 are one of the best known gangs in the world. President Trump declared war on them and called them a national security threat. Today we get to hear exactly how the gang works from the most informed […]

#315 – Melody Wilding – Succeed If You’re Empathetic & Driven

Melody Wilding is an executive coach and an author. Being a driven but sensitive individual is a fairly interesting blend. You have all the desire for high achievement and go-getting but also overthink pretty much everything which slows you down. Thankfully, Melody is a specialist at coaching what she calls Sensitive Strivers. Expect to learn […]

#314 – Greg McKeown – How To Make Life Effortless

Greg McKeown is a public speaker, leadership & business strategist and an author. Is the toughest path always the right one? Is the more important a thing is, the harder it has to be? Or is there a way to make the execution of what matters most in your life a little easier? Expect to […]

#313 – Cancel Culture, Sobriety & Identity Change

This episode was originally recorded on Sean Spooner’s podcast Life and Lessons. I enjoyed this discussion so much, I figured I’d put it on Modern Wisdom too. Lots more talking by me on this one, which you’d better enjoy, or else. Expect to learn why identity change is so hard, what being club promoter without […]

#312 – Gabrielle Bluestone – The World’s Biggest Scammers

Gabrielle Bluestone is the Executive Producer of the FYRE Documentary, an author & journalist. From failed festivals to fake blood tests, the grifters and scammers of the world seem to be having their time in the spotlight right now. Expect to learn how Billy McFarland the founder of Fyre Festival has got himself into even […]

#311 – Life Hacks 204

Jonny & Yusef from Propane Fitness join me for another Life Hacks episode. Sit back & enjoy as we run through our favourite tools, apps, websites, strategies & resources for a productive and efficient life. Expect to learn Jonny’s favourite music to lift heavy to, why I’m a YouTube Premium convert, the best type of […]

#310 – Adam Lane Smith – 15 Harsh Psychology Truths

Adam Lane Smith is a psychotherapist an author. Humans are not transparent to ourselves. We are complex creatures who operate on ancient programming. Having spent years and years as a practicing psychotherapist for men, women and couples, Adam has come to learn some insights about us which he put into an epic Twitter thread and […]

#309 – The Fitness Chef – The Biggest Myths About Fat Loss

Graeme Tomlinson is an evidence based diet coach and an author. Let’s face it, pretty much everyone is fat right now. If lockdown has left us with anything, it’s pasty skin which is a bit softer than usual. As the world gets back into a fitness regime, it’s important to learn the fundamentals around how […]