#008 – Michael Cazayoux – From Childhood Addiction To Becoming The Fittest On Earth

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Michael Cazayoux is the CEO of Brute Strength Training, 2-Times CrossFit Games Team Champion and coach behind some of the best athletes on the planet.

This definitely ranks as one of the most powerful episodes so far and Michael’s story is so extreme it almost sounds like fiction. From taking his first drink of alcohol at 9 years old, to drug dependency in his teens, through rehab, to relapse, to sobriety, and then to winning the CrossFit Games twice, and now having created one of the most well regarded coaching companies in the world. He is a living example of what can be done with the willpower to face and overcome our demons.

Expect to find out the real costs of addiction, how living with virtue and telling the truth can literally save your life, and what it takes to go from an addict to a champion. Also find out why he’s having to take showers in his friends’ house at the moment!

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