#012 – Cory Allen – Creating The Mindfulness Gap, The Fundamentals Of Meditation and How To Deepen Your Practise

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Cory Allen is an author, meditation teacher and host of The Astral Hustle Podcast. He is also the creator of my favourite Guided Meditation Course Release Into Now and has completed thousands and thousands of hours of mindfulness practise during his life.

Meditation is a little bit like a stretching routine; it’s something most people know they probably should do, but due to a lack of information, fear of feeling silly or misconceptions about what it entails, the barriers to entry can be prohibitive to starting.

In this episode I ask Cory to explain the fundamental components of mindfulness practise, from sitting posture to mindset, optimal session frequency to expected benefits, plus a great background to his own journey.

If you are new to meditation, hopefully this breaks down some barriers and gives you the steps needed to begin a routine of mindfulness training. If you are already a meditator, allow yourself to deepen your practise through Cory’s fantastically experienced insight. He’s also got a glorious voice.

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