#033 – Carl Cederstrom – What Happens When You Dedicate A Year To Optimising Your Life & The Happiness Fantasy

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Carl Cederstrom is an Associate Professor at Stockholm Business School, an author of several books and a writer for The Guardian, The New York Times and Harvard Business Review. 

Carl dedicated a full year of his life to immersing himself in the Human Optimisation Movement. This is the equivalent of going completely dick & balls on a 12 months of back to back Life Hacks episodes and Carl’s experience is both hilarious and insightful.

We also discuss his new book The Happiness Fantasy which analyses society’s obsession with becoming happy and offers a fascinating alternative view to what we should be aiming for in our lives.

Expect to learn why optimising masturbation is a difficult process, how you can write an entire book in a single month, what he found to be the single most effective optimisation strategy and why happiness might be a redundant word.

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