#069 – George MacGill – Mental Models 101 – How To Make Better Decisions

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I’m joined by long time friend of the show and all round interesting individual George MacGill to break down how we can make better decisions in all areas of our lives by using Mental Models.

If you imagine that your mind is an operating system, Mental Models are the apps you install into it which improve your ability to effectively make decisions. Today we are upgrading our minds by thinking about thinking, as we delve into some of mine & George’s favourite mental models along with a mass of our best examples and resources.

Huge thank you to Social Chain for letting me record in their beautiful studio and Video Guy Ollie from SC HQ for filming everything.

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Block: Farnam Street

Farnam Street’s 109 Mental Models

Book: The Great Mental Models

Shane Parrish on Art Of Manliness

The Psychology Of Human Misjudgement by Charlie Munger

Why Not To Start A Startup

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