#073 – Theo Watt & Eve Young – The Problem With Millennials

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Theo Watt and Eve Young are the hosts of the Socials Minds Podcast and Copywriters at Social Chain.

We talk about millennials and Gen Z like homogenous groups, but technology and innovation have made it problematic to index generations by 15 year gaps. A person who is 12 will have little in common with someone who is 27, as will a person who is 25 have little in common with someone who is 34.

And yet, despite online platforms allowing you to target by age, world view and even household income now, there are those that still tar all millennials, all Gen Z, or worse, millennials and Gen Z together with the same brush.

Theo & Eve lay out their issues with the current classification system for young people as a whole and explain exactly why it’s not only inaccurate but also damaging to the members of that group.

Massive thanks to Social Chain and Video Guy Ollie for letting us use their beautiful studio & podcast setup.

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