#187 – Life Hacks 201

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Jonny & Yusef from PropaneFitness.com join me as we begin the 2nd Season of Life Hacks.

Our favourite tools, apps, websites, strategies & resources for a productive and efficient life.

Expect to learn our real life review of the AirPods Pro, how to hack your hunger when cutting, our favourite To Do List apps, how you can manage your Instagram Inbox on desktop, a huge list of our favourite things to watch on TV and much more…

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Extra Stuff:

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Check out Jonny & Yusef’s website

Learn to build an online business

Do your chores whilst cooking breakfast

Coffee Bags

4:6:6 Method for coffee

AirPods Pro


Ask a friend to take you clothes shopping

Reebok Nano X

Romaleos 4

Get Human

Write a letter online

Pressups when hungry

Clean teeth on an evening to stop hunger

Go to bed earlier when cutting

Omni Focus

The Foundation Series for posture

Start with weakest side in gym

Watch a subtitled film to combat dual-screening

Watch Parasite on Amazon Prime

Keep a list of things to watch or read

Watch The Gentleman

Watch Succession

Watch Gangs Of London

Watch Defending Jacob

Skip forward to avoid ads on Siri

The Productivity Planner

SideCar on MacOS

Instagram Direct Inbox


Determine the maximum and minimum tolerance for areas in your life

Upright induction charger

Louder audiobooks for comprehension

Take a break from alcohol and upgrade your life: 6 Months Sober

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