3 Minute Monday – A Christmas Present, Alcohol & Blame

3 Minute Monday

Hi friend,

Like the loving, caring cult leader that I am, I thought I’d give everyone an early Christmas present, so I’ve created the Modern Wisdom Annual Review Template.

It’s the exact process I use every December to review the last 12 months, celebrate wins, learn lessons and make a plan for the upcoming year.

Get your copy of the Annual Review Template.

It should take you around 4-6 hours in total to complete.

If you want to have a focussed, directional, consciously designed year, some sort of review is an absolute must.

And this takes the best practises I’ve found from a ton of my favourite productivity writers and combines them into a single process.

You want to be undistracted and in a good mood.

Don’t rush it out last thing at night.

Splitting the process up into 2 sessions is a good approach to avoid burnout.

Spend one session working on the Review section, then stop for the day and come back to the Planning section within the next few days.

This process really helped me to get clear around how the year has gone and what I want to achieve over the next 12 months, I hope it does the same for you.

In other news – I’m back in the UK.

*Cue complaints about weather and darkness*

Since being away I have really realised something.

Living in a country which can be boring is a great way to focus your attention onto your work.


If you live in Las Vegas or Miami or the Gaza Strip, you probably have a lot more things distracting your time than you do if you’re in Preston or Wyoming.

This is a genuine competitive advantage.

If you live in a place which you’re not too excited by, it’s easy to become despondent or resentful.

But if you reframe that location as an opportunity to get ahead in your chosen pursuit with limited distractions, that’s not a bad price to pay.

Now I’m not saying that you’re going to abundance-mindset-manifest Preston into a tropical paradise.

But in terms of mitigating losses, it’s not a bad idea.


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This week’s upcoming episodes:

Cory Allen – my favourite meditation teacher returns to explain how to take your meditation practice off the cushion and utilise mindfulness in daily life.

Aaron Alexander – my Austin bro explains how you can use your training and movement to improve your mindset, attractiveness, sex life, mood and everything else.

No episode. Iiiitttt’sssss Chriiiiisssttmaassssss.


Some people drink a lot.

The top 10% of US drinkers (24 million) consume an average of 74 drinks per week.

They account for more than half of all alcohol consumed in the U.S.

Basically 10 drinks a day, or more than two bottles of wine with every dinner.

30% of American adults don’t drink at all.

Another 30% consume less than one drink per week on average.

“The Blame Game is just people projecting their resentments and insecurities onto ideas so it ends up being more about catharsis than truth discovery.” — Illimitable Man

Hopes of success and fears of failure become less relevant the more you do something you genuinely love.


Do an Annual Review.

You’re damn right I’m telling you this twice.

If you care about your results next year, dedicate some time to planning what you want to achieve.

Get your copy of the Annual Review Template.

Big love,
Chris x

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