3 Minute Monday – Aliens, Japanese Sex & Nuance

3 Minute Monday

Hi friend,

It’s been a wild week.

Every show for my UK & Ireland Live Tour sold out in under 60 minutes, then we added extra dates and moved venues for more capacity – and all those tickets sold out too.

Final chance for tickets is this Friday 5th May at 10am UK time for the newly increased capacity venue for the Manchester show.

Totally wild response. Thank you so much for the support.

And don’t worry, rest of the world, I’ll be coming to you in 2024.

I created a really cool concept this week over dinner with a friend.

The Alien’s Eye View.

My friend was telling me how he feels that what he values in life is balance, peace, honesty, virtue and self-care.

A holistic, well rounded idea of how to show up in the world.

Then he imagined that an alien was looking down on earth watching him.

The alien knew nothing about human psychology.

It had no idea about his motivations or inner state.

All it could see was what he did. How he spent his time.

What would this alien think he values in life?

In his words, the alien would think he’s an obsessive workaholic, locked into a routine like a prisoner with an exercise addiction.

This is kind of like a God’s Eye View, except God would be able to see your motivations and understand the distance between how you show up and what you value.

The alien cannot.

Hence the Alien’s Eye View.

The alien only sees what you do.

And ultimately, if you say you value a thing, and yet your actions don’t move your world toward that thing, how can you say you value it?

Everyone says “to understand someone’s intentions, look at their actions, not at their words.”

Few people say: “to understand my own intentions, I must look at my actions, not at my thoughts.”

Action eats intention for breakfast.


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This week’s upcoming episodes:

David Geary – phenomenal discussion about the differences in men’s & women’s psychology, temperament, brain function, physiology, everything. Don’t miss this.

Dr Jean Twenge – another monster. Why does Gen Z seem so fragile? Did millennials really have it tougher than our parents? What impact does social media have on psychology? Great.

Ashley Cain – a story about one of the UK’s biggest fitness influencers, how he lost his baby daughter to a very rare cancer, his survived suicide attempt and what he’s learned.


Here is a list of things that are not doing the thing.

“Preparing to do the thing isn’t doing the thing.

Scheduling time to do the thing isn’t doing the thing.

Making a to-do list for the thing isn’t doing the thing.

Telling people you’re going to do the thing isn’t doing the thing.

Messaging friends who may or may not be doing the thing isn’t doing the thing.

Writing a banger tweet about how you’re going to do the thing isn’t doing the thing.

Hating on yourself for not doing the thing isn’t doing the thing.

Hating on other people who have done the thing isn’t doing the thing.

Hating on the obstacles in the way of doing the thing isn’t doing the thing.

Fantasising about all of the adoration you’ll receive once you do the thing isn’t doing the thing.

Reading about how to do the thing isn’t doing the thing.

Reading about how other people did the thing isn’t doing the thing.

Reading this essay isn’t doing the thing.

The only thing that is doing the thing is doing the thing.” — Strangest Loop

Go do the thing.

Japanese sex culture is wild.

“The Japanese government is considering raising the age of consent from 13 to 16 as part of a package of sex crime reforms.

Yes, you read that right, the age of consent in Japan is currently 13.” — Unherd

Nuance doesn’t work on placards.

“As a general rule, if your attitude about a complex issue sounds like it could fit nicely on a poster on a protest line: it’s probably wrong.” — Chris Ferguson



Some insanely smart person has used ChatGPT to now integrate with Shortcuts for iPhone.

Now you can not only access it directly from your home screen, but it can interact with your phone data.

“Find me the 3 best value 4-star hotels in Las Vegas for a 3 day weekend trip, check my calendar for which weekends I can go over the next 2 months, provide short summaries of the reviews and links to photos.”

“Make me a playlist of hardcore hiphop songs I can train to and add them to my Music ordered newest to oldest, focus on songs from the 2010’s and onward.”

Insanely cool. And costs less than a few pence per time.

The video tutorial I followed is here:

Big love,
Chris x

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