3 Minute Monday – Anxiety, Inequality & Optimisation

3 Minute Monday

Hi friend,

I rebranded my YouTube Channel this week.

Modern Wisdom is going nowhere, I love that brand.

The podcast continues as always, but the YouTube Channel name has changed.

Watch this 3 minute video to find out why:

Last week I talked about Opportunity Cost.

Another element to consider is the Anxiety Cost of decision making in our normal lives.

Think about the habits you need to do every day or a project deadline you’ve got coming up…

There is a cost you pay in not doing the thing sooner rather than later because your mind is taken up ruminating about the fact that the thing still needs to be done.

How many times has it got to an evening time and you’ve spent most of the day thinking that you still need to do X.

Meditate, train, take the bins out, walk the dog, ring your dad, whatever.

The sooner you can do these things, the sooner your consciousness can be free of the burden of thinking about them.

This is an unseen power of morning routines for me.

Not only that you get big wins in early and progress the day before the day has even begun.

But that you get rid of this Anxiety Cost which occurs due to ruminating about all the things you still need to do.

Your required set of daily tasks gets reset each day at midnight.

The earlier you do them, the earlier you get to enjoy your day without thinking about them.

The same effect applies for projects you’ve got coming up.

You have a lot of things you could be dedicating your thoughts to over the next however-many-weeks.

The longer you leave not doing the project, the longer your mind will be consumed with a thought that you can easily get rid of.

We can’t pretend that the external situation we exist in doesn’t impact our internal environment.

No matter how zenny you are, you’re going to struggle to find internal peace if your external life is a chaotic dumpster fire.

Know that the external factors don’t matter.

But give your mind the best chance to find peace by ticking off the external factors anyway.

Achieve the goals, but know that it’s not about the goals.“We don’t want peace OF mind, we want peace FROM mind.” – Naval


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This week’s upcoming episodes:

Polina Pompliano – breaking down the performance secrets of Elon Musk, David Goggins & more superhumans. Tons of great insights.

Chris Baber – an amazing M&S Chef and good mate of mine explains how to make amazing healthy fitness food, even if you’re an idiot in the kitchen.

Not sure yet. Maybe Greg Everett on how to develop real toughness.


“The thing you’re angry at isn’t the issue, your anger is.”

The dating market has high inequality, for men.

The majority of women find the majority of men unattractive and not worth engaging with romantically.

While the reverse is not true.

Stated in another way…

It seems that men collectively create a “dating economy” for women with relatively low inequality.

While women collectively create a “dating economy” for men with very high inequality.

h/t Bradford Tuckfield

“Premature optimisation is the root of all evil.” – Donald Knuth

Donald was talking about the advent of Artificial Intelligence but I think it applies to personal growth, and civilisational development too.

We have the power to enact change without the wisdom to direct it.

Don’t think about doing more, or going faster until you know you’re going in the right direction.

Beware of spending more time developing your productivity systems or researching nootropics than you do deciding your goals or values.

Get zeroed in on where you’re going and you’ll always make progress toward your destination, no matter how slowly you move.

Aim at an incorrect destination and you can end up going really fast in the wrong direction.

Focus on direction over speed and effectiveness over efficiency.


Only use social media standing up.

From this week’s video (which you totally need to watch).

You’re more likely to stay on your phone when you’re sedentary and comfortable on a couch or in bed.

Create some behavioural friction by only using social media if you’re standing up.

Plus you look dumb if you’re constantly standing up and sitting down – social friction is a hell of a drug.

Remember with all these phone use rules that they only work if you make a commitment to yourself never to break them.

It’s hard because no one is watching you, but it’s worthwhile because the pride you get from self-disciplining is huge.

Big love,
Chris x

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