3 Minute Monday – Bravery, Sexy Conservatives & Twitter

3 Minute Monday

Hi friend,

I’m currently on a plane flying back from San Diego.

Just recorded a 2.5 hour podcast with Jocko Willink in one of the coolest locations I’ve ever seen.

Full episode coming next week.

If you haven’t already listened to the 2.5 hour Andrew Huberman episode on the science of peak performance then you need to get on that.

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One of the things I learned from Jocko was a lesson he took from Sam Harris about bravery.

“You can’t fake bravery as an emotion.

You can fake being angry or upset or whatever.

But if you fake bravery when you’re terrified, that’s bravery.

Doing the thing in spite of being terrified IS what bravery is.”

I realised that there is a parallel here with motivation.

I think people overcomplicate motivation.

They believe that motivation is some necessary precursor to doing the thing.

This optimal mental state when you feel ready to do it or like you want to do it or something.

But you can’t fake motivation.

No matter how motivated you feel, if you don’t do the thing, you weren’t sufficiently motivated.

And even if you don’t feel motivated at all and you do do the thing, that IS motivation.

Jocko agreed.

“That’s why I prefer discipline to motivation.

Motivation is fleeting, it comes and goes.

Discipline is always there.”

You don’t need to want to go to then gym or meditate or walk your dog or have a difficult conversation with your partner.

You simply need to do the thing.

And by doing the thing, you shortcut the need for motivation entirely.

Go do the thing.


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This week’s upcoming episodes:

Roy Baumeister – the researcher behind the famous marshmallow willpower test study breaks down the social psychology of sexual interactions and the mystery of the female orgasm. Fascinating.

Konstantin Kisin – a Russian explains how the West isn’t that terrible at all, whether we should care about Jordan Peterson’s Twitter ban and how the East is slowly taking us down.

Episode 500 – I’m recording a solo episode where I go through some of the most important lessons I’ve learned over the last half-thousand podcasts I’ve done. Absolutely wild number. Time flies.


Liberals have less sex.

“Republicans have more sex than Democrats and cheat less on their spouses.

Political independents have sex even more often than Republicans but cheat at the same rate Democrats do.

Republicans have 23% lower odds of cheating than Democrats.”

h/t Rob Henderson

Twitter is crazy for a reason.

“People are most motivated to tweet when they are outraged.

When people are outraged, they are at their most idiotic.

Therefore, people are most motivated to tweet when they are at their most idiotic.

This is why browsing Twitter often feels like visiting a mental asylum.” — Gurwinder Bhogal

Relationships are a team sport.

“Find a spouse who doesn’t make you feel guilty for working.

Cheerleaders don’t ask the quarterback to leave the game when the game’s on the line.” — Alex Hormozi


Aggressively purchase & return things when moving into somewhere new.

Learned the hard way while building the new studio space in Austin.

If any website offers free returns or if you’re using Amazon with Amazon Prime, just buy all the things you’re thinking about putting into a space in one go.

Unpack everything, try it all out in the space and allow your preferences to select what stays.

Then it’s a single trip to the post office to return the unwanted items.

Breaking this into individual parts is pointless and inefficient.

Big love,
Chris x

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