3 Minute Monday – Choices, Prostitution & DiCaprio

Hi friend,

I’m back in Austin!

After 4 full weeks on the road, I’m finally back.

Until I fly home to the UK for Christmas next week.

Thank you to everyone who came out to see me on tour, those shows were epic.

Lots of people at the live shows asked about how to decide between the multiplicity of options we all have in our lives.

“If I’m faced with a difficult choice, such as:

Should I marry this person?

Should I take this job?

Should I buy this house?

Should I move to this city?

Should I go into business with this person?

If you cannot decide, the answer is no.

And the reason is, modern society is full of options.” — Naval Ravikant

This is a beautiful reframe of The Paradox Of Choice.

Yes there’s lots of things you can do with your time.

There’s an unlimited number of options.

This can make it hard to decide on which option to choose.

But it also reduces the pressure of all decisions.

If something isn’t an obvious slam dunk yes, then it’s likely a better option will come along soon.

As Derek Sivers says “if it isn’t a hell yeah, it’s a no.”


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This week’s upcoming episodes:

Bedros Keuilian – what does it mean to man up? How can people take charge of their lives and rebuild their faith in themselves? Where does will power come from?

Ali Abdaal – the biggest productivity YouTuber on the planet breaks down everything he’s ever learned about overcoming procrastination and getting more done.

Whitney Cummings – life, relationships, confidence, dating, personal growth, fame, guilt. This was such a great episode, one of my favourites this year.


There are double standards for male and female age-gap relationships.

“Leonardo DiCaprio (49) has a new girlfriend and yes she’s 25, and yes the same voices are making the same accusations of predatory grooming.

Meanwhile Jane Fonda (85) says she’d only date a 20 year old, as she ‘doesn’t like old skin’, and I hear nothing.” — TheTinMen

Cher is dating someone 40 years younger — “you go girl!”

Madonna is dating someone 41 years younger — “you’re in your Sex And The City era!”

You don’t need to be smart to build an audience.

“I’m not that clever, but I’ve got a bigger platform than people who are.

I’m just a conduit for ideas from smarter people who are way more boring.” — James Smith

Women try to control female sexuality more than men.

“YouGov ran a poll: ‘Do you think prostitution should be legal?’

Men: 51% yes, 36% no
Women: 30% yes, 50% no

Women are more anti-freedom, but most of all when it comes to the behaviour of other women.

In short, women have harsher attitudes toward prostitution than men.”


Listen to Bad Omens.

Last week everyone was happy with Sleep Token as a suggestion.

This week it’s Bad Omens.

Their most recent album is an absolute banger.


Big love,
Chris x

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Honestly, thank you so much to everyone who came out to the live shows. What an amazing first tour.


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