3 Minute Monday – Contrast, 888 Children & Self-Esteem

3 Minute Monday

Hi friend,

It’s a cliche to say that we live in a world where we only see the best of other people’s lives but it’s true.

Our vision of those around us is a highlight reel of their best moments, while we watch our own blunders happen from a front row seat.

The problem is we spend so much time thinking about how we want life to be better that we don’t realise just how good life genuinely is.

Instagram shows us The Contrast Effect in action.

We’re looking at professional videos of a millionaire-model-high-performer on a tropical island – how could we feel anything other than inadequate when comparing our life to them?

So what if, instead of showing the highlight reel, Instagram showed scenes from inside a hospital ward?

All of these ill people who need doctors and nurses to ensure they can get through their days.

Tied to their beds by a sickness they didn’t choose.

Unsure if they’ll see tomorrow.

Unable to be visited by friends and family because of Covid-19.

They would look at the life you have now as you go about your daily business, in good health, with your body operating as it should and the freedom to roam the world, and see it as bliss.

If THAT was what you were comparing your life to, you’d feel liberated and fortunate.

There’s a quote I love which says “The healthy man wants a thousand things, the sick man only wants one.”

So just take a minute now, and think about all the things in your life which you would appreciate if you were in that hospital bed.

Let go of the thousand things you want, and focus on what you have.

What are the things you have, which other people can only dream of having?

A partner who loves you?

A body which serves you with health?

Achievements you’re proud of?

The ability to walk and talk and breathe and act as you wish?

The freedom to leave the house without fear of being shot or kidnapped or robbed?

There are far many more ways in which your life could be terrible than it could be better.

Across the spectrum of human history, you’re living in pretty much the best place ever, in the best time ever.

The fact that someone else has a BIT more money, or a BIT more notoriety than you is essentially meaningless.

Ask for more from your consciousness than status games.
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100k Subscriber Q&A – me, soloing away answering questions about Sam Harris, Brian Rose, tips for starting a podcast and more. Yes I know it’s late.

Dr Diana Fleischman – an Evolutionary Psychology approach to how our behaviour changes when we get ill. Fascinating.

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Ismail The Bloodthirsty did some shagging.

The current record for the most children one man fathered is supposedly 888.

Ismail The Bloodthirsty was a Moroccan emperor in the 1600’s.

To have this many children, it’s estimated that you’d need to have sex once or twice a day, every day, for roughly 30 years.


Females are bigger than males.

In many species across the animal kingdom, females are bigger than males.

Some spider males are minuscule compared to their female counterparts.

It’s vertebrate mammals where this trend is reversed.

“Self-esteem is just the reputation that you have with yourself. You’ll always know.” — Naval


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