3 Minute Monday – Dating, Mars & Glutes

3 Minute Monday

Hello cult members,

In case you missed it, Jordan Peterson is confirmed to come back on Modern Wisdom for Round #2, this time in-person.

I’m flying out to San Antonio TX with Video Guy Dean in 2 weeks to record an extended episode.

We’re capturing the entire thing on four 6K cinema cameras and bringing a full AV production team in to shoot it.

I’m really hoping to create something special with this one.

Not just an interesting conversation but a gorgeous audiovisual experience too.

The brief to the team was “I want the most disgustingly cinematic Jordan Peterson interview ever, like the ending of a Christopher Nolan movie pls”.

If nothing else, it’s a cool way to blow a load of money on something we’ll be proud of.

Flying out to Austin on February 8th, recording in San An on February 11th.

Hold on tight.

This week I learned about the Sex-Ratio Hypothesis.

It suggests that ”an oversupply of unmarried women in a community or group gives the men therein considerably more power in romantic and sexual relationships.

This translates into lower levels of relationship commitment, less favourable treatment of women by men, and a more sexually permissive climate, wherein women receive less in exchange for sex.”

And when you have a surplus of men, you see the opposite; more monogamy, higher levels of relationship commitment and longer wait-times before having sex.

Basically, whichever gender there is a relative scarcity of gets to make the dating rules because there is more competition for their attention, and the over-supplied gender tends to adjust their dating strategy to play this game.

Analysis of 117 countries suggests that those with higher overall sex ratios (more men) have higher marriage rates, and lower rates of child-bearing outside of marriage.

Teen pregnancy rates are shown to be higher where men are scarce – reinforcing the logic that an oversupply of women leads to a more sexually permissive culture.

In American colleges today, 57% of students are women, and only 43% are men.

By 2030 there will be 2 women for every 1 man at college.

In 1947 there were 2.5 men for every 1 women.

Women on campuses where females are a high proportion of the student body have more pessimistic views of their own romantic relationships, they go on fewer dates and they have a lower likelihood of having a boyfriend or having had one since starting college.

Recent sex is also more common (with or without a boyfriend) in universities that have a higher share of women.

On the other hand, virginity is far more common where women are a smaller share of the student body, even when controlled for class, race, church attendance, attitudes about sex etc etc.

The Sex-Ratio still reigns supreme after accounting for all that.

This is something that seems kind of obvious but also blows my mind.

It seems that “…the reproductive systems of lust and attachment in humans appear designed to react to features of the local ecology” – David Schmitt

Our mating strategies react to the local ecology.

Like a fucking PLANT bro.

Being human is wild.

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Ben Bergeron – motivational, raw, powerful insights from one of the best CrossFit coaches in the world. Awesome conversation.

Carl Benjamin – are we seeing the downfall of the west? Why did Ethan Klein start beef with Jordan Peterson? Should 56-year-old supermodels get naked? And more.

Not sure yet, maybe Nina Power on the crisis of masculinity in the modern era.


Women find men with cats to be less attractive.

Straight men who reveal that they own a cat have a 5% lower ‘like’ rate from women.

The ‘like’ rate for both straight & gay men who have dogs is 20% higher on average.

The man photographed with a cat was viewed as less masculine, more neurotic and, ultimately, less datable.

When a man asked women for their numbers, he was successful with 9% of the women he approached.

When he was accompanied by a dog, he got three times as many.

Timekeeping on Mars will be difficult.

The Martian day is called a sol and it’s 39.5 minutes longer than an Earth day.

When humans get to Mars and need to co-ordinate with humans on earth, how will they decide on what time it is?

You could slow down Martian watches to be 2.75% longer than their standard Earth durations, but then you can’t make measurements in anything-per-second any more as you’ve got different units.

Alternatively, NASA is considering Martian clocks stopping at 00:00 each midnight and restarting 39.5 Earth-minutes later at 00:01.

“There is no scarcity, only opportunities all around us that we cannot yet perceive.

Scarcity is a spiritual condition. It is projected from out of us into our world.” — Naithan Jones


Step-Ups for glute growth.

Studies show that the best exercise for recruiting your glutes are step-ups.

In fact the top 4 exercises are all variations of step-ups.

Banded hip thrusts are 3x less effective at isometric contraction.

Grab 2x dumbbells in each hand, choose a box which is around knee-high and get to work.

Big love,
Chris x

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