3 Minute Monday – Doubt, Trump & Sex Dolls

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Anyway, onto what I’ve been thinking about this week.

I am certain that most capable people don’t believe in themselves enough.

A lack of confidence killed more dreams than a lack of competence ever did.

Self-doubt often seems to be bundled into a package deal alongside potential.


Is it that capable people are paralysed by high expectations?

Or is competence correlated with rumination and an introspective mind?

Perhaps the greater your capacity, the less accurately you can see your true potential as the end goal is simply so much further away.

I’m unsure on the cause but I’m certain on the symptom: More people are held back by their self-belief than propelled by it.

You can think about confidence as a speed limiter on your system.

You have capacity for more but your self-doubt limits your ability to chase it.

Self-doubt causes you to avoid taking risks which means you move more slowly than your competition.

It encourages you to criticise your performance, even when you do well, which derogates your motivation.

It makes you compare yourself to other’s achievements, making you feel inferior by comparison.

Your mind is not helping you here.

Placing insatiable demands on your performance doesn’t drive you to perform better, it just makes you despondent at never feeling satisfied, even with a job well done.

“There is a guy out there with half your talent but 10x your self-belief making 5x the money.” — George Mack


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This week’s upcoming episodes:

Alex O’Connor – why is everyone becoming Christian again? Such a great breakdown of the modern Cultural Christianity Movement including some fascinating stories about the history of the bible’s hidden gospels.

David Kipping – Professor at Columbia and one of the biggest astronomy YouTubers breaks down alien civilisations, black holes, how the moon was created, how long time will go on for and so much more. Awesome 2.5 hour ep.

Cory Allen – the spiritual pursuit of becoming a braver person. How to embrace rather than fear your emotions. How to notice patterns that don’t serve you but continue to arise. Mindfulness for daily life.


Sex doll specifications versus human body characteristics.

“Kenneth Hanson and colleagues compared the specifications of sex dolls sold in the US with the characteristics of American men and women.

They found that female sex dolls were slimmer and had larger breasts than the average American woman.

While male sex dolls were more muscular and more well-endowed than the average American man.

Sex dolls were also more likely to be white.” — Alex DatePsych

The origin of clinking glasses.

Cheersing glasses originated in medieval days when wine was sometimes spiked with poison as the sediment concealed it well.

If a host wanted to prove that the wine wasn’t poisoned, he would pour part of the guest’s wine into his glass and drink it first.

If the guest trusted his host, he would just clink glasses when the host offered his glass for a sample.

Hence the clinking of glasses has become a sign of trust, honesty and toast to good health.

The difference between manipulation and degradation.

Trump lied through commission.

Biden lied through senility.

Only one of them has been accused of lying though.

Neither Biden’s defenders or attackers claim he was being wilfully manipulative when he said there’s too many trillionaires in America or people get sexually assaulted by their sisters.

And neither Trump’s defenders or attackers claim it was due to a mental degradation error when he said Biden wants to quadruple taxes or that “every legal scholar” wanted Roe v. Wade overturned.

Everyone’s assumptions about the candidates become obvious in the framing of their accusations.


Request room turn down upon checking into a hotel.

I’m on the road and the number of hotels still defaulting to restricted room turn-down services after covid is wild.

In some places, if you don’t request it, it won’t happen.

During check-in just default to asking for room turn down every day that you’re staying. Fight the power.

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