3 Minute Monday – Dreamers, Buttons & Orgasms

3 Minute Monday

Hi friend,

“Talking about the thing and doing the thing vie for the same resources. Allocate your energy appropriately.” — Ryan Holiday

This is an insight I’ve been thinking about for ages.

It’s actually represented within our brains too.

Talking about our plans gives us a small reward, a dump of dopamine.

No where near as much as doing the thing would do.

But it also takes no where near as much effort as doing the thing would do.

This is how people can get stuck in the trap of always dreaming and never building.

They inoculate themselves from having to do things in the real world by limiting their efforts to the confines of their skull.

There’s something about this type of person which has always turned me off.

I think it’s because our natural tendency is to respond to people who dream and pontificate by doing the same ourselves.

And I’ve had a sense that being around these people encourages me to dream rather than build.

I’ve never wanted to talk about things I want to do unless I’m making a genuine effort to bring them into reality.

Generally, I think this is a good rule.

Don’t discuss dreams unless you’re planning builds.

We all have that friend who is fantastic at talking plans but never seems to make any progress toward them.

That’s the person I never want to be or be around.

Negative friends bring you down, but at least you know that they’re a bad influence.

Dreaming friends do the same, but you don’t notice the effect.

Don’t talk about it, be about it.


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Men don’t know when women orgasm.

Vice asked their audience 2 important questions:

Straight men, the last time you had sex with a woman, did she orgasm?

Women, the last time you had sex with a straight man, did you orgasm?⁠

⁠65% of straight men said they gave the last woman they slept with an orgasm…

But only 40% of women reported orgasming the last time they had sex with a man.

h/t Will Costello

Why women’s shirts button from the left.

90% of the world’s population is right handed, yet only men’s shirts button from the right.

When buttons first appeared in the 17th century, they were only for the wealthy.

Women were dressed by (right-handed) servants, placing buttons on the left made it easier for them.

Having men’s shirts button from the right made more sense because men dressed themselves and because a sword drawn from the left-hip with the right hand would be less likely to become caught.

h/t Rob Henderson

Cultural Parasitism.

An ideology parasitises the mind, changing the host’s behaviour so they spread it to other people.

Therefore, a successful ideology (the only kind we hear about) is not configured to be true; it is configured only to be easily transmitted and easily believed.

h/t Gurwinder Bhogal


Use a Cycling Desk.

To be fair this is a total shot in the dark as I’ve just bought myself one and not put it together yet.

No idea if it’s going to be a good idea.

However, getting 180 minutes of Zone 2 cardio per week per Andrew Huberman’s recommendation is really hard to do without getting bored so my thinking is to answer emails and edit episodes while turning over on the bike.

Will let you know how I get on.

Also excited to look like this:

Big love,
Chris x

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