3 Minute Monday – Executing, Drugs & Grandparents

3 Minute Monday

Hi friend,

“Strategising is easy but execution is hard” — Chris McChesney

It’s a sad fact about life that we are all drawn to strategising much more than we are to executing.

In fact, LinkedIn says that “strategic” is one of the most overused words on all profiles, while interestingly “execution’ didn’t even make the list. 

We all have a friend who constantly fantasises about their huge plans without taking a single step toward making them a reality.

They prefer to talk, rather than do because it’s easier.

Execution requires us to take action which involves getting off our arses.

Another reason we have an aversion to execution is that it brings us face to face with potential failure.

We never have to worry about failure when we only strategise, because our plans don’t need to prove their effectiveness in the real world.

By always strategising and never executing, we sacrifice the potential for success but inoculate ourselves from failure.

This is the slippery slope of mental masturbation.

Where in your life are you strategising and not executing?

Your goal should be to constantly seek the point of immediate execution.

Where is the next available physical step toward doing the thing?

Over time this will seep into other areas of your life.

You’ll notice you bypass the talking stage and move straight to walking more and more.

Execution eats strategising for breakfast.

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Percentage of Americans who favour decriminalising drugs, by education level.

High school or less: 47%

College degree: 60%

Postgraduate degree: 65%

What was your great-great grandfather called?


In 4 generations, no one will know your name.

Not even the people who share your genes.

Stop taking everything so seriously and just enjoy the ride.

“Loneliness does not come from having no people about one, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself, or from holding certain views which others find inadmissible.” — Carl Jung


Decide what you’re going to suck at.

Becoming good at a thing will require sacrificing other things.

Growing your business may require sacrificing your dating life.

Getting in shape may mean seeing friends less.

Our pursuit of goals gets hijacked by us feeling another area of life slipping away due to our focus elsewhere.

You cannot PB everything at the same time.

Decide what you’re going to sacrifice in advance of pursuing a goal.

Then when your progress in that area starts to slow, you won’t feel guilty, you’ll know that this is the price you pay to achieve another goal.

And you can switch your focus back soon enough anyway.

Big love,
Chris x

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