3 Minute Monday – Faith, Correlations & Opinions

3 Minute Monday

Hi friend,

I recently got chatting to a buddy of mine who likes to buy expensive things.

Let’s call him Adam.

Adam is very wealthy, but he spends like someone who is even wealthier than him.

Brand new fast cars, watches, private jets to trips abroad.

I asked him if he isn’t worried about spending too much.

He replied that “future Adam will take care of the bill.”

It got me thinking…

Humans are naturally fearful of change.

It makes sense evolutionarily.

Look at it this way – if you’re alive right now in whatever form your current situation is, then from a genetic-standpoint, things are ok.

Remember that your genes do not care if you are satisfied in life, they only care if you survive and reproduce.

Humans are designed to be effective, not happy.

This can lead to change-aversion.

We stick to the status quo even if it’s pretty bad and we feel miserable because of a fear that the future could be even worse.

This fear of change can manifest as a very grand sense of dread or anxiety.

This is how an impending awkward conversation with your partner or a challenging business meeting becomes a monstrous concern.

It seems like a huge, existential threat which is worthy of sleepless nights, distracted thoughts and worrisome afternoons.

But in reality, just like Adam, you will be fine.

The devil is not waiting on the other side of every big decision.

You have made it this far in life, so by definition you’re proving your terrified-genetic-predisposition wrong every day.

You are far more capable, adaptable and resilient than you can ever possibly know.

The future you WILL be able to make your situation work.

They will take care of the bill.

The past you has managed it, so have faith in your future self.

Take the confidence from a life successfully lived to spur you on to not being afraid of what tomorrow holds.

And if a lifetime of you successfully handling setbacks, challenges & change isn’t enough to convince you…

Studies show that people who make a change in their life report increased happiness after 6 months compared with those who don’t.

Regardless of what the change is.

Sticking with the status quo actually needs to overwhelmingly be the favourite in order for you to choose it.

And even if your decision isn’t absolutely perfect, future you will take care of the bill.


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This week’s upcoming episodes:

James Smith – the fitness industry’s Gordon Ramsey returns to talk dating, finances, lockdown in Australia and improving your mindset.

Naama Kates – one of the most thorough researchers into incel culture breaks down the dark corners of The Black Pill Community. Challenging and insightful.

Stuart Russel – literally the man who wrote the textbook on AI discussing the dangers of superintelligent machines when we still can’t align their objectives with our goals. Real-life Terminator stuff.


Correlations are weird.

The annual number of people who drowned by falling into a swimming pool is correlated 66.6% to the number of films Nicholas Cage was in during that same year.

Perhaps even more concerningly, the number of people who died by becoming tangled in their bedsheets is correlated 94.7% with per capita cheese consumption.

(h/t Tyler Vigen)

G. Miller drops bombs.

“I’m not saying you have to be an expert in doing something to have an opinion about how hard it is to do the thing. I’m just saying strong opinions based in total ignorance aren’t epistemically humble.” – Geoffrey Miller

Retrospection is a hell of a drug, but being wrong doesn’t make you any less certain.

Two weeks ago, YouGov research showed found that 44% of Britons supported the withdrawal of western troops from Afghanistan – versus 26% opposed.

In a new survey last week, two fifths (42%) of Britons say it was the wrong decision to withdraw troops, compared to 28% who think it was right to do so.

Only three in ten Britons (31%) are unsure.


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