3 Minute Monday – Fear, Insulate Britain & Men

3 Minute Monday

Hi friend,

I saw James Smith’s live show over the weekend in Newcastle after going on his podcast (episode releasing soon).

Big love to everyone who came up and said hi by the way.

During the show he talked about committing to decisions that you feel drawn toward making.

Those existential pulls toward a new life direction.

Changing that job, leaving that relationship, moving to a new city.

Here, you can let go of any fear of failure.

Because if you’re not happy right now, you’re not risking anything anyway.

What’s the worst that could happen?

You leave a job you hate to take a chance on one you love?

That’s still a success.

This is the difference between playing to win, and playing to not lose.

A more difficult decision is if your life is ok but not perfect.

You don’t hate your job, or relationship, or city, but they’re not fulfilling you as you thought they would.

How do you know when to give up the good for the great?

How do you know what good and great even are?

How do you know when you’re deceiving yourself into thinking that the grass is greener and in fact the problem is your perspective on the situation, not the situation itself?

I don’t have the answer here, sorry.

But YOLO is probably a good philosophy to live by.

Studies suggest that people are more happy after making a big decision than they are if they don’t make it because change and novelty are inherently satisfying.

You’re batting 1000 right now.

Every situation you’ve faced, you’ve come back from.

You haven’t struck out once.

So have faith that future you will deal with whatever challenges they come up against.

You’re more robust than you know.


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Brad Stulberg – 6 principles for overcoming frantic energy and feelings of insufficiency. Awesome insights into balanced peak productivity for over-achievers.

Ryan Holiday – how do you develop courage and overcome fear like a military commander, ancient stoic or world class athlete? Sick episode. Don’t miss this one.

Rupert Sheldrake – why do rats that learn a maze in America make it easier for rats in Australia to do the same? Sick stories about Morphic Resonance, Telepathy and scientific anomalies.


Men are gonna men.

“A man is more than twice as likely as a woman to have a car accident.

And almost three times more likely to have two car accidents.

Even when not driving, men are more careless; twice as many men are killed simply crossing the street.

More men volunteer for medical research, expose themselves to potentially toxic chemicals, engage in unsafe sexual practices, swim far away from shore, explore and unknown locale or chase a bear out of a campground.

Girls and women just don’t engage in such stupid behaviour – stupid, that is, if one is really concerned about staying alive.” — Joyce Benenson

(h/t Rob Henderson)

“The world rewards you for value provided, not time spent.” — James Clear

Insulate Britain would be rekt in Russia.

“In Russia, they sell tens of thousands of baseball bats every year but almost no baseballs.” — Konstantin Kisin


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Probably the biggest game changer for making me read more articles.

You can basically turn your Kindle into a read-later device.

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Big love,
Chris x

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