3 Minute Monday – Frogs, Cameras & Pedants

3 Minute Monday

Hi friend,

“You can end up staring down a whole lifetime of frog-eating and starting to feel like maybe something, somewhere has gone wrong.

But you don’t know what else to do.

You’ve so thoroughly subjugated your desires that you don’t even know what your desires are anymore.” — Adam Mastroianni

When I first started Modern Wisdom I was obsessed with productivity.

I was pretty sure that just if I could memorise all the mental models and psychological biases that I would become perfectly rational.

That if I just got the right task management system and process then I would never feel overwhelmed.

That if I did enough pomodoro time blocks then I would never become distracted.

I just needed to crush my interferences until all that was left was pure efficiency.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this obsession did not make me perfectly rational, organised or focussed.

It was a useful phase, and I think that it’s important for most people to dedicate a chunk of time to learning the basics of productivity.

But you have to learn to let go of your task list or you will end up being shunted to the side of your own life.

If you’re not careful, you become so blinded by your obsession with work that you forget there is a world outside of it.

You literally forget the things that you used to love, and forget that you’ve forgotten them.

Your life becomes flattened down to the single dimension of your hustle.

You can learn to love the grind but it’s crucial that you don’t get parasitised by it.

Your work can crawl inside your skin and start to stare out through your eyes.

Then before you know it, even when you’re not working, you’re still working.

Your meditation practise is not for inner peace but because you once read it’ll help you focus at work.

Your walks in nature are not for the joy of fresh air but because Huberman told you it makes you more alert.

When your leisure and relaxation time becomes part of your productivity strategy, you risk losing touch with what you actually want to do in life.

Your joys, interests, relationships, everything turns into a marionette whose strings exist only to be pulled by your work.

This doesn’t mean you can’t turn pro, or dedicate everything to whatever you love.

But you have to keep a sense of perspective.

You DO work, you are not your work.


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Malcolm Collins – why are so many people not having children? Is my concern about population collapse genuine? Why did Malcolm use embryo selection to choose the traits he wanted from his child? Fascinating.

Andy Stumpf – former Navy SEAL asks the big questions like – why Gen Zers want cameras inside of the home? Are UFOs real? Is Tucker Carlson the biggest broadcaster on earth now he’s publishing video on Twitter?

Bill Perkins – author of Die With Zero of the best books I’ve read this year. How do you not waste your money or your life? Why do most people oversave and never enjoy their wealth? How does delayed gratification get hijacked?


30% of Gen Z want surveillance cameras inside the home.

“According to a new survey from the American Cato Institute, three in ten Americans under 30 support the installation of cameras in the home to monitor for ‘wrongdoing’.

The Cato report speculates that the shift is generational, noting that the over-45s have a markedly different attitude to surveillance, and suggesting that this is likely connected to the growing prioritisation of ‘safety’, over freedom within younger demographics.

If you’re used to interacting on social media, you are used to unaccountable authority.

And if you’ve grown up partially online, you will see it as normal to surrender a measure of privacy – for example allowing social media to track your behaviour – in exchange for access to the digital services that enable your virtual social life.” — Mary Harrington

Cynical sigma-lone-wolves are miserable.

“It is almost impossible to be happy without friends.

Research shows that friendship accounts for almost 60 percent of the difference in happiness between individuals, no matter how introverted or extroverted they are.” — Rob Henderson

The duality of content-creation.

“A dilemma of tweeting is that you’re aware of exceptions & conditions to your statements but can’t include them without turning an elegant aphorism into a clunky mess.

So you must choose between writing tin-eared garbage or getting torn apart by pedants in replies and quote-RTs.” — Gurwinder Bhogal


There are some experiences you can only have right now.

Putting off adventures for the future is not always possible.

You’re likely not going to be able to go skiing at 70.

You can no longer do the season in Ibiza at 45.

Some experiences are only available to you right now.

Go and do them.

Big love,
Chris x

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