3 Minute Monday – Idiot Morality, Unemployment & Red Flags

3 Minute Monday

Hi friend,

I’m in UK! For another few hours at least.

This weekend has been wild, 4 episodes in 24 hours, then a live show on stage at Gymshark’s 4000-person Lift Manchester event.

This live stuff is such a buzz. I’ve got some more announcements coming soon about this coming soon…

This quote has been in my head so much over the last few months:

“The rise of social media as the primary form is social interaction changed the way that we judge people.

We once used to judge people mostly based on their deeds, but in the age of social media we judge people mostly based on their words and opinions because that’s really all we see of them.

Since we’re defined by our opinions, there is a pressure to have an opinion on everything.

Problem is, people generally don’t have the time or the will to research everything they are expected to have an opinion on, so they copy the opinions of others.

And the result of this is that there are precious few original thinkers.

In this way, the culture war is largely two armies of NPCs being ventriloquised by a handful of actual thinkers.” — Gurwinder Bhogal

It’s the first half of that which has been so impactful on me.

The gap between words and actions has never been bigger.

You can be the least virtuous, meanest, most dishonest human on earth, but if you say the right things on social media, the world will be unaware.

No one stress tests the words coming out of most people’s mouths.

Which means that appearing good becomes more important than being good.

Performative empathy is more rewarded than genuine empathy.

Posting about mistreated groups is more incentivised than helping mistreated groups.

Words have become more important than actions, because you can tweet the words without needing to do the actions.

It’s the path of least resistance for everyone.

This isn’t me saying that you can’t do good whilst posting about it online.

But that many (maybe even most?) of the people who proselytise about how virtuous and caring they are, and how it’s everyone else who is evil/malignant/the enemy, are allowing their morality to stand on the shoulders of limited scrutiny.

Beware the people who only say good things, but don’t do good things.


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This week’s upcoming episodes:

Alex Hormozi – one of my favourite thinkers unloads 19 harsh truths about human nature, business, resilience and more. Don’t miss this one.

Hannah Barnes – a terrifying investigative journey into the UK’s now disbanded Gender Identity Development Service. Thousands of children have been put on hormone blockers without any due diligence.

Kelly Starrett – one of the world’s best known mobility coaches breaks down his new book’s framework for having a happy, healthy, mobile, functioning body and mind.


Men aren’t working.

There is a massive group of 7 million men aged 22-55 in the US who aren’t working and aren’t looking for work.

Only 10% of them are students.

They spend an average of 2000 hours a year watching screens and half of that time is spent on painkillers.

On top of welfare, 2/3rds of these men are in homes which are also claiming at least one disability benefit.

Meanwhile there are tons of job adverts for precisely this group which are going unanswered.

Basically, lurking in the low-unemployment rate is this huge cohort of prime working age men who don’t have a job and don’t want one.

The outcomes of Universal Basic Income do not look good.

— taken from an upcoming episode with Nicholas Eberstadt

Where do you take your pride from?

“I would rather be known for my work ethic than my natural talent.” — Alex Hormozi

The most common relationship dealbreakers.

“A study of 2,445 heterosexual, European adults aged 18-45 rated how likely they would be to reject a potential partner based on each characteristic.

Ratings for short- and long-term relationships were collected separately.

The results yielded seven distinct factors that constituted the most common relationship dealbreakers. These factors were:
Unambitious (indecisive, no sense of purpose)
Hostile (unfriendly, grumpy)
Filthy (dirty, stinky)
Arrogant (egotistical, overly opinionated)
Unattractive (physically unappealing)
Clingy (insistent, eager to commit)
Abusive (aggressive, violent)” — h/t Justin Lehmiller


Checked Luggage Is A Psyop Meant To Keep You Poor, Tired And Late.

I bought a new carry-on case which pushes the limits of the permitted dimensions.

I managed a 10 day trip to Vegas, LA, Qatar and Dubai on that one case with a backpack.

This included a suit taking up tons of room.

Unless you’re going to live somewhere, you don’t need hold luggage.

The case I got is the Away The Bigger Carry-On, £300ish.

If you want to spend more then go for a Rimowa Cabin Plus (advantage of looking absolutely BALLER), if you want to spend less then there’s some good options on Amazon but you’ll need to check the dimensions are large enough.

Big love,
Chris x

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Thank you to everyone who said hi in Manchester this weekend!


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