3 Minute Monday – Inaction, Foodie-Calls & Vocabulary

3 Minute Monday

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“Contemplate the price you pay for inaction. You’re already in a little hell, you know perfectly well it’s going to get worse. The thing about inaction is that you’re blind to it, do not make the assumption that inaction has no price.” — Jordan Peterson

When you’re stuck with a difficult decision, it can be easy to push it off.

A change of job, an awkward conversation, finally approaching someone you like to tell them how you feel.

In these situations it’s easy to assume that doing nothing is an impartial strategy.

But doing nothing is still doing something.

“A problem postponed is a problem extended.” — Gurwinder Bhogal

The Anxiety Cost will continue to stack up as you spend more and more hours considering and vacillating and thought-looping your way through the same insights over and over and over again.

Nothing new is being gained here.

Sure, sometimes you need to carefully consider in order to get more information.


“It doesn’t take time to make decisions, it takes information to make decisions.

If you have the information to make the decision, you should make it.

A lot of people belabour a decision when they’re not gaining more information.

Time is not a requirement for decision making, information is.

If you have the evidence to support that this is a good or bad decision and you still have fear, then this is fear of the unknown or hypothetical, which is not knowable.

We don’t know what is going to happen but we have this evidence that would support that this decision makes sense, if we still don’t want to make it, then that is not logical.” — Alex Hormozi

Contemplate the price you pay for inaction.


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This week’s upcoming episodes:

Mark Bell – one of the strongest men on the planet and star of Bigger Stronger Faster breaks down the danger of allowing your friends to kill your competitive edge. A really good insight into tall poppy syndrome.

Dr James Cantor – a paraphilia researcher and sexologist’s perspective on the world’s most unusual sexual orientations. Why do people elect to become amputees or get dressed up as babies and more. Some wild insights in this one.

Patrick House – there are lots of theories about consciousness, how accurate are they? Do we know anything about how the mind works or is it all just-so stories?


Foodie-Calls are now a thing.

Researchers found that 22-33% of women reported purposefully misrepresenting romantic interest in order to dine at a man’s expense, in what are known as “foodie-calls”. (Collisson et al. 2020) — h/t William Costello

Original thinkers are very rare.

“The rise of social media as the primary form is social interaction changed the way that we judge people.

We once used to judge people mostly based on their deeds, but in the age of social media we judge people mostly based on their words and opinions because that’s really all we see of them.

Since we’re defined by our opinions, there is a pressure to have an opinion on everything.

Problem is, people generally don’t have the time or the will to research everything they are expected to have an opinion on, so they copy the opinions of others. 

And the result of this is that there are precious few original thinkers.

In this way, the culture war is largely two armies of NPCs being ventriloquised by a handful of actual thinkers.” — Gurwinder Bhogal

A richer vocabulary means a richer life.

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” —Ludwig Wittgenstein


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