3 Minute Monday – Jealousy, Chads & Racism

3 Minute Monday

Hi friend,

Andrew Huberman is coming on Modern Wisdom.

I’m recording with him here in Austin at the end of the month.

Full production team, 6K cinema cameras, gorgeous location, the full works.

Andrew is one of the most requested guests ever, I really can’t wait to get this one recorded.

I’m announcing an even more requested guest next week too. It’s a huge month coming up!

I’ve been thinking about jealousy this week.

“Accept that all of your heroes are full of shit.

Your heroes aren’t gods, they’re just regular people who probably got good at one thing by neglecting literally everything else.” — Jason Pargin

This insight seems to be the best solution for jealousy that I’ve found.

The people you look up aren’t human-wide examples of admirable traits.

They’re usually extremely competent in a very narrow domain, but outside of that they’re just totally normal, deficient or embarrassing humans.

Tiger Woods – GOAT golfer, also a terrible husband.

Alan Watts – life-changing spiritual teacher, also an alcoholic.

James Joyce – masterful author, also wrote a long series of fart fetish letters to his wife.

The people you put on a pedestal are dealing with the same erectile dysfunction, self doubt, un-peaceful mind, existential crisis and daddy issues that you are.

They just happen to crush at a singular pursuit too.

Sure, you might want to play some of the greatest golf in history, but do you want your ex wife to chase you down the driveway with a golf club while the press watches?

Sure, you might want to reach the edges of enlightenment and be able to communicate it to millions in a gorgeous British accent, but do you want to die young due to alcohol poisoning?

Sure, you might want to write blockbuster novels like Ulysses or Finnegan’s Wake, but do you want to write odes to the different types of farts that come out of your wife while you have anal sex with her?

The price you’d need to pay to be the people you admire is one you often wouldn’t be prepared to foot the bill for.

Your heroes aren’t gods, they’re just regular people.

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Gurwinder Bhogal – a fantastic breakdown of 14 concepts from another megathread from Twitter about human nature, cognitive biases, crowd behaviour, racism, self-love and more. A must listen.

Corey Wilks – how do your internal fears impact the way you show up? How can you identify the fears that are holding you back? And how can you overcome it?

Nick Bare – running a multi-million dollar supplement business, becoming a dad, running ultra events whilst weighing 200lbs and other great stories from one of the biggest fitness YouTubers.


Get a cooler job if you want to be a chad.

“Data from online dating sites suggests that a man who earned $60K in the hospitality industry would become more desirable, on average, if he earned the same amount as a firefighter than if he stayed in the same industry but upped his salary to $200K.

In other words, a male firefighter who earns $60K tends to be more attractive to the average heterosexual woman than a hospitality worker who earns $200K.

While many men believe they need to earn a substantial salary to “buy” a woman’s love, the data suggests that having a cool job is frequently more attractive than having a boring, but lucrative, job.” — Seth-Stephens Davidowitz

“The demand for racism outstrips the supply.”

Many people’s status and livelihoods have been built off the back of fighting modern racism.

If racism goes away, so does their ability to be relevant and rich.

Therefore, in a world with ever-dwindling racism, the definition of what is racist must be expanded in order to continually find more things to fight against.

This isn’t to say that modern racism doesn’t exist, but these incentives can cause people to start shadowboxing imagined oppressors whilst shouting about the difficulty of the fight.

“Crazy thought: What if the people you disagree with are not stupid, evil, or insane, but have simply had thoughts and experiences that you haven’t which have led them to different conclusions?” — Gurwinder Bhogal


Always record phone calls with the press.

I went for dinner with Razib Khan over the weekend.

He told me that in every phone call with the press, and even just with just authors who are asking him for input on their books, he records the call.

The cost of recording a voice note is zero.

The cost of having your words misrepresented and losing your career is nearly infinite.

Recording your calls is a prophylactic against shitty actors.

Big love,
Chris x

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