3 Minute Monday – Jocko, Friendships & LGBTQIA+

3 Minute Monday

Hi friend,

Jocko Willink is coming on Modern Wisdom.

I’m flying out to San Diego at the start of July to record with him, cinema production team, amazing location, full works.

I cannot wait for this.

Jocko & Huberman in the space of 2 weeks is going to be wild.

Let’s gooooo!!!

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Thank you for the support, this version of the simulation is very cool.

I found a quote this week which really hit home.

“If you don’t grow together, you grow apart.

Friendships, relationships with your siblings & parents, life partners.

All of these require nurturing on a consistent basis.

Otherwise, life pulls you apart.

You change.

They change.

Eventually, you don’t recognise each other.” — Nicolas Cole

This is an ugly truth.

Disney’s romanticism of companionship is that once you’ve made a connection, it’ll be there forever.

Everything degrades over time if it’s not attended to.

The best friendships I’ve ever had are with people who I’m sharing a struggle with or helping grow.

But at the very least, relationships require attention and cultivation to keep alive.

Everyone is busy and if you’re not regularly involving yourself in someone’s life, the hole that you take up will be filled in by something or someone else.

“If you don’t grow together, you grow apart” is a great description because it’s hard to reach inertia with friendships.

They tend to either be strengthening or weakening, rarely are they static.

One of the best solutions I’ve found for this is to cultivate a habit of texting people immediately whenever I’m thinking about them.

Friends, parents, podcast guests, whoever.

If a memory of us comes up, I’ll message and say I’m thinking about them.

It’s a tiny effort to keep hold of a relationship that you probably really care about and will miss if it drops off.

Untended gardens wither and die.

Try to keep watering yours.


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This week’s upcoming episodes:

Jessica Baum – a great breakdown of how you can become better in your relationships if you or a partner are anxiously attached.

Alex & Leila Hormozi – one of the most request episodes of the year. Business, philosophy, dating, financial advice, fitness and more. Fantastic episode.

Not sure yet. Maybe Chase Reeves on finding spiritual meaning in modern culture. 


“Gay people are the straight people of queer people.”

Intersectionality is starting to slice up the LGBTQIA+ movement and cut off people who are seen as dealing with less oppression than other members.

“White Gay Privilege” is now a thing – if you’re ONLY gay, that doesn’t mean as much any more.

You need to stack multiple identities on top of each other or else you risk becoming part of the oppressor class.

Sadly, I can see the Ls, Gs and Bs becoming more ostracised and disenfranchised from their own movement over the next few years.

h/t Evan Riggs

Cycle stimulants. Don’t let them use you.

“If you can’t function without them, they’ve stopped conferring a benefit.

Be able to stop them and only use them when you really know you can crush.

On off on off is typically good enough for most.” — Alex Hormozi 

“It is remarkable how much long-term advantage we have gotten by trying to be consistently not stupid, instead of trying to be very intelligent.” — Charlie Munger


Find out who is selling your data.

When you sign up for anything online, put the website name as your middle name.

That way when you receive spam emails, you will know who sold your information.

Not sure if this will help stop incoming spam, but I always have a sense of annoyance/anger that I can’t work out who broke their GDPR rules so at least this would satisfy a part of me.

h/t Sam Jones on LinkedIn

Big love,
Chris x

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