3 Minute Monday – Jordan Peterson, Birds & Admiration

3 Minute Monday

Hi friend,

It’s been a seriously intense week.

I researched & recorded 5 podcasts, including one with Jordan Peterson.

I released a clip with Jordan which broke half a million plays in 2 days.

I also did a virtual, live TEDx Conference and saw my TEDx Talk for the first time. (I’ll be sharing the talk with you in an email as soon as TEDx upload it to their channel)

Plus all the editing and scheduling as usual in preparation for Jordan’s episode to go live today.

Sometimes the overwhelm feels terrifying, at other times you’re riding the waves with relative ease.

Thankfully this is one of those latter cases.

“The only reason that we are here is to live a life, which in retrospect, we are glad we lived.”

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I’ve been thinking about that quote a lot this week.

If you lived with that end goal in mind, I think you’d struggle to go far wrong.

So many problems happen because we’re doing something in the moment, which in the future, we’ll wish we hadn’t.

I told Jordan on our podcast that I think he missed a rule from his original list of 42…“Don’t practice what you do not want to become.”

What. A. Bar.

That quote is an absolute bomb.

If you spend the next week thinking about that quote, your life will get better.

It reminds us that every choice, every action, even every thought, is a vote for the kind of person you’re going to be in future.

You don’t get to not embed habits, the best you can do is choose between one type of habit and another.

Every time you choose the couch over the gym, your phone over a book, or a cookie over a banana, you reinforce that little circuit in your brain and dampen down the other one.

So when you’re tempted to do a thing which you know you shouldn’t, remember that you’re taking a step down a path which is twice as hard to come back up.


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This week’s upcoming episodes:

Dr Jordan B. Peterson – the worldwide best selling author joins me to discuss life, productivity, relationships, purpose and Marvel Comics. Do not miss this.

Brian Greene – one of the best public physicists of our age. Nothing short of fascinating stuff about aliens, time, the end of the universe, simulations and more.

The Fitness Chef – breaking down the biggest myths and fads in the diet & fitness industry was very fun. Keto people might get mad.


“Love birds” is BS.

90% of birds are fathered by a male other than the one who has pair-bonded with the mother.

The males are cheating on the females, and other females are cheating with them and having their babies.

Basically, birds are trash.

Beware who you admire.

“People who are exceptionally good at one thing tend to be exceptionally bad at other things.

Being exceptionally good at a thing attracts attention, so people watch their heroes do things they’re exceptionally bad at and say ‘maybe that’s how I should do it too.’” — Morgan Housel

Live music is awesome.



Video Speed Controller for Chrome.

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And it’s free.

Nothing short of a game changer.

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Big love,
Chris x

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Gyms open in the UK today for the first time in 4 months. The amount of DOMS happening this week will be terrifying.


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