3 Minute Monday – Lessons, Sex Robots & Protein

3 Minute Monday

Hi friend,

I’m writing this on the journey back from Dubai.

It’s 4.30am.

After many years of failing, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m just never going to sleep on a plane.

George decided to miss another flight home but I’ve got a super aggressive few weeks of recording coming up so couldn’t really stay.

Despite his unrelenting efforts to tempt me.

This week I partied on a billionaire’s yacht, twice, cycled 50km through the desert, trained with Marcus Smith from Innerfight and recorded episodes with Rob Lipsett and Rory Sutherland (unreal).

I’ve been trying to think of some lessons I’ve learned from this trip.

Probably one of the main insights is around saying yes.

Saying yes to new experiences rarely ends up in a bad place.

In fact, I’d say most of our regrets in life come from the things we don’t do, rather than those we commit to.

Being an essentialist requires you to focus on the vital few rather than the trivial many.

These areas are where your point of contribution is highest.

But I don’t think this hesitance in committing to social trips is essentialist.

It probably actually comes from a place of fear.

Fear that I don’t deserve to take a break.

Fear that I’m not robust enough to still be effective at getting work done in a new environment.

Fear that I’m too easily distracted and not focused enough as it is.

Blah blah.

Some of these have a kernel of truth in them.

But it’s a very narrow-minded view of how personal growth and development works.

I’ve operated at maybe 65% of my usual output for work.

But I’ve had 100% of a ton of new experiences, conversations, insights and connections which I wouldn’t have achieved if I wasn’t here.

I’d happily pay the price of less productivity for 20 amazing new insights about business, podcasting and life.

Plus memories I’ll keep forever.

And a wicked tan.

They say the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.

Surely this relates to the insights and development you get from living the same life, in the same town, on the same routine for months or years on end?

Speaking to the same people and going to the same places will eventually return no new information.

Maybe a breakpoint is exactly what life needs sometimes.

So yeah, saying yes to as many new things as your schedule will allow is probably a good strategy.

I’ve also learned that working while you’re away can enhance a trip rather than subtract from it.

The pride and joy I’ve taken from recording some amazing episodes and staying structured and productive out here is invaluable.

There’s definitely a place for completely switching off on a trip.

But for me, I feel better when I earn my rest.


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George Mack – the Mental Models series is back from the 25th floor of the Dubai Marina and includes our brand new game – “Bear Or Bull?”

Cory Allen – I’ve not recorded it yet, but it’s gonna be about Binaural Beats.


“Your ability to generate power is directly proportional to your ability to relax.”
— David Allen.

Being social is effortless when you’re with the right people.

And mind numbing when you’re with the wrong ones.

Are you an introvert or do your friends just suck?
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A hurdle for the Sex Robot Industry to overcome is storage.

Where do you keep a life-sized sex robot without your cleaner finding it?

Fleshlight had the right idea but it’s a bit different when you get to human-size.


Buy Protein On Holiday

Your diet on holiday is going to include more carbs and less protein than usual.

In almost every country on earth.

Go to the local supermarket and buy a good quality shake and a shaker.

You know for certain that you’re going to get a base of 30-60g of protein to work off.

Flying it out is a nightmare.

If there’s two of you for a fortnight, you’ll get through a medium tub.

Big love,
Chris x

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