3 Minute Monday – Love, OnlyFans & Calories

3 Minute Monday

Hi friend,

I’m in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Just finished a huge weekend recording in LA.

We filmed a mini behind-the-scenes documentary to show you what it’s like to create these big cinema productions and we fortunately/unfortunately captured some rare chaos.

I also recorded with one of the biggest guests on the planet in LA.

And I’m recording with another monster name tomorrow in Florida.

Stay tuned!

Anyway, this week I remembered a story James Smith told me about a question that came to him during a mushroom trip.

“Do people love you for who you are or for what you do?”

This is uncomfortable to consider.

People loving us for who we are feels more real, genuine, caring, empathetic and robust.

It feels like it’s less fickle and more difficult to lose.

On the other hand, people loving us for what we do feels transactional and transient.

The love we receive becomes contingent on what achievements and successes we can offer in return.

And the obvious fear is that if a point came where we no longer had anything to offer in return, would our love be taken away?

So here’s an even more uncomfortable question…

“Do you love you for who you are or for what you do?”

Oooo. Nowhere to hide now buddy.

This highlights our hypocrisy.

You see, we want the world to love us for who we are.

A balanced, caring view of our true value, independent of our accomplishments.

Meanwhile our own self-love is largely determined by what we do.

Our self-esteem is inflated when we succeed and damaged when we fail.

If we fall short, even though we know we tried our best, we still castigate ourselves for being insufficient, unworthy creatures.

So we want the world to show up for us in a way that we are often not prepared to show up for ourselves.

You deserve more than this, demand it of yourself.


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This week’s upcoming episodes:

Sadia Khan – highly requested second episode as we talk the decline of marriage, dating, motherhood, manosphere advice, Love Island and more.

Codie Sanchez – thinking tools, mental models, frameworks and insights into human nature after learning from the most successful people on the planet.

Bryan Caplan – a fascinating breakdown of economist Bryan’s letter to his 10 year old daughter on why she should never become a feminist.


Liberals would sooner date an OnlyFans worker than an OnlyFans Subscriber.

A survey was sent out breaking down whether participants of different political ideologies would refuse to date a current OnlyFans worker, and an OnlyFans Subscriber.

Participants who would not date a current OnlyFans worker:
Left 43%
Moderate 63%
Right 84%

Women who would not date a current OnlyFans subscriber:
Left 70%
Moderate 78%
Right 84%

**worth noting that we don’t know the female-only data for the first question. Interesting nonetheless. — h/t Alex DatePsych

What would you tomorrow want you today to do?

“Somewhere in the future, your older self is watching you through memories.

Whether it’s with regret or nostalgia depends on what you do now.” — Gurwinder Bhogal

Stop stepping over pounds to pick up pennies.

“The average caloric intake in the USA: 3540 kcal/day

The average daily physical activity: less than 20 mins

But there are people out there who believe oatmeal, fruits, vegetables, & polyunsaturated fats are what is making us sick.” — Layne Norton


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Big love,
Chris x

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Back to the UK in 2 weeks. See you soon my babies.


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