3 Minute Monday – Momentum, Lockdown, and Pollen

3 Minute Monday

Hola amigo,

I’m in Ibiza.

Full of tapas and bread and slightly pink from the sun yesterday.

In case you thought that travelling from the UK to a Green List country is a simple task – it’s not at all.

You need a private Fit To Fly PCR test within 48 hours before you depart. (about £200)

You need a test while you’re out there. (about £100)

And you need another test within 2 days of returning. (about £100)

Very not simple.

It could be worse though.

My buddy who I was supposed to be coming out here with managed to fail his Fit To Fly test.

Which means he’d booked all the above, plus hotels and flights and a new summer wardrobe… to then be told he needs to stay in his house in the UK for 10 days.

Beyond clapped.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about Next Actions this week.

We already know that executers get things done, while strategisers simply talk about getting things done.

But to quote James Clear “You do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems”.

So what is the system you can use to turn strategies into executions?

You ask yourself one simple question:

“What is the Next Action?”

Next Action is a concept from David Allen’s Getting Things Done and is one of the best ways for turning strategies into executions.

By asking “What is the very next physical action that can be taken with this project?” we provide ourselves with an immediate step which we can undertake to move ourselves toward the goal we want to attain.

We chunk huge projects up into manageable Next Actions which we can almost always do. 

You can’t “do” a strategy, you can only do a physical action.

You can’t do a weight loss.

Losing weight or getting stronger is a massive project, but the Next Action of putting your gym kit on is not.

Then the Next Action is we get in the car.

Then we drive to the gym.

Then we pick up the weights.

And before you know it, the task has crumbled around you.

We combat the inertia of starting a strategy by making the Next Action steps so small and obvious that they’re always within our reach.

This way we are always executing.

Think about a project or strategy you’ve been meaning to execute for a while.

It could be cleaning a cupboard, starting a book, selling something on eBay or contacting a friend.

What is the very next physical action you could take which would move you toward that being completed?

Can you do it right now?

If not, when?

Momentum is a hell of a drug, seek it intensely and hold onto it fanatically.


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Ryan Long – the new star of internet comedy joins me to talk OnlyFans, John McAfee, Mumford & Sons, Demisexuality and more.

Rob Reid – a monstrous 2 hour episode on all the ways humanity could go extinct and how to avoid it. Rob just crushed a 4 hour special on Sam Harris’ show and this episode expands nicely on that.

No episode. I sorry. Back soon.


Waking sleepwalkers isn’t dangerous.

There’s a myth that if you wake someone who’s sleepwalking it’s dangerous to them.

It’s not dangerous at all.

They might be a bit confused but it’s definitely safer to have them awake than wandering around while asleep.

Some people just hate the outside world.

A new Ipsos Mori poll for The Economist shows that some Brits support anti-covid restrictions, forever, regardless of covid risk.

This includes:

19% for permanent nighttime curfews.

26% for permanently closing casinos and clubs.

35% for permanent travel quarantine.

40% for permanent mask requirements.

There is gendered discrimination in our cities’ trees.

Most cities plant only male trees because it’s expensive to clear up the fruit that falls from female trees.

Male trees release pollen, and that’s one of the reasons your hay fever is getting worse.


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Big love,
Chris x

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