3 Minute Monday- My Brand New TEDx Talk

3 Minute Monday

Hi friend,

My TEDx Talk just went live!

The outcome of a very chaotic 10 weeks of writing, remembering, forgetting, remembering again, rehearsing and performing.

I really love the topic, it’s super meaningful to me and if you like what I do, you should enjoy it too.

If you have chance to give the video a like and comment, I’d really appreciate it.

Watch now on YouTube…  

Here’s an excerpt from one of my favourite sections:⁣

“It is your duty to give the world precisely what only you can give it BECAUSE only you can.⁣

The chance of you existing is basically zero. Your presence is a unique miracle.⁣

If you don’t paint your Dali, no one else will.⁣

⁣This makes the act of embracing your weirdness compulsory.⁣⁣

You have an obligation to the universe to do it.⁣

During your brief, highly unlikely time awake in between two eternities of sleep, you have something to offer the world in your experience and your creativity that no one else has to offer in exactly that way.⁣

Which means that if you don’t, if you allow status games or social norms or internal fears to curb your weirdness, the universe will be fundamentally less complex and beautiful.⁣”

Thank you for the support,
Lots of love x


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