3 Minute Monday – Potential, Sexless Women & Sucking

3 Minute Monday

Hi friend,

My first ever Live Tour dates are now released!!

Ireland – Thursday November 16th at The Sugar Club

Manchester – Friday November 17th at Canvas Live Room

London – Saturday November 18th at Leicester Square Theatre

Tickets go on sale this Thursday 9am UK time at chriswilliamson.live – sign up now to get first access.

More dates will be added for next year and I’m looking at doing shows across the US, UK, Canada and Australia – les gohhhh!!

Anyway, something I’ve reflected on a lot was a great conversation I had with Destiny last week.

During the episode we discussed the difference in the worldview of people from the Left who focus on systemic problems and how they hold people back and people on the Right who focus on absolute achievement as can be achieved by the individual.

“If I was exclusively Left-focussed, I’d let my restrictions define me so I’d never bother to try to do anything.

If I was exclusively Right-focussed, I’d observe how much further ahead someone else is, and I’d give up shortly after starting.”

Destiny summarised his blending of these worldviews very nicely…

“I’m going to work as hard as I possibly can because I want to be the best version of myself.

I recognise that how good I can be as myself might be controlled by some environmental factors.

These environmental factors provide the range I can exist within.

But within this range, my personal effort entirely determines where I exist.”

Let’s call this Two-Step Potential Theory.

Two-Step Potential Theory is a lovely blending of individual agency with real-world limitations.

Your efforts have tons of control over your outcomes, within the range that your world’s limitations will allow.

Behavioural Genetics teaches us that on average, around 50% of everything we are psychologically is inherited from our parents.

Boo – 50% of our outcomes are limited by our genetics.

Yes, but that also means that 50% of them are up to you.]

This is yet another reason to only compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today.

It’s another reason to try lots of things until you find the intersection of something you love and something you’re good at.

Because somewhere, you will have a pursuit where your range essentially has an unlimited ceiling, and once you find it, it’s all on you to maximise that potential.


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This week’s upcoming episodes:

Ben Francis – the billionaire founder and CEO of Gymshark explains his philosophy for life, happiness, blending business with family and the most common traits of all the high performers he’s met.

Ray Dalio – another billionaire, this time the main guy at Bridgewater Associates and author of fantastic book Principles on why the world is so chaotic and what to expect from the global economy’s future.

David Laid – Gymshark athlete and teenage superstar reflects on what it’s like to have the entire world’s attention, whether it actually makes you happy and the problems with modern conceptions of success.


Choose your suck.

“Every single pursuit – no matter how wonderful and exciting and glamorous it may initially seem – comes with its own brand of shit sandwich, its own lousy side effects.

‘Everything sucks some of the time.’

You just have to decide what sort of suckage you’re willing to deal with.

So the question is not so much ‘What are you passionate about?’

The question is ‘What are you passionate enough about that you can endure the most disagreeable aspects of the work?’

Because if you love something and want something enough – whatever it is – then you don’t really mind eating the shit sandwich that comes with it.” — Mark Manson

Inaction is worse than incorrect action.

“Most failures are one-time costs.

Most regrets are recurring costs.

The pain of inaction stings longer than the pain of incorrect action.” — James Clear

I was wrong, young women are having less sex than men.

In 2021, 28.7% of women aged 18-30 said they hadn’t had sex in the last year.

Only 17.7% of 18-30 men said the same.

I’ve been quoting data from this same organisation (the GSS) on podcasts for months.

But the data I was quoting finished in 2018, this is now the newest data from 2021.

In 2018, 18% of women and 28% of men aged 18-30 reported no sex in the last year.

So this new data from 2021 has almost exactly flipped the M/F positions from 2018.

Really fascinating.

I’ve got some ideas about why this change happened but in the meantime, I won’t be throwing that line out about 1/3 of young men not having sex in the last year any more.

I wish I’d seen this data sooner but… I didn’t.

Worldview now updated, broscience hypothesising engaged.


Air fry steaks from frozen.

Mikhaila Peterson only eats steak.

I figured she would know the optimal way to cook one, so I asked her.

Freeze your steak.

Salt it aggressively.

Throw it in the air fryer at 450 degrees for 12 minutes per side.


Never have meat go off because it’s frozen up until 24 minutes before you eat it and it tastes phenomenal.

Thank you, meat lady.

Big love,
Chris x

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