3 Minute Monday – Savages, Dads & Orgasms

3 Minute Monday

Hi friend,

This week has been wild.

Austin > Vegas > LA > Qatar > Dubai > Austin in 8 days.

Travelling like this is very fun, but only for short periods.

I honestly can’t imagine what it’s like to be some DJs and speakers and business people who permanently live this high-velocity nomad life as an everyday existence. No thank you.

Two quotes have been going around in my head recently.

“It’s so easy to be great nowadays, because most of the world is weak.” — David Goggins

“If you are even remotely a savage, you will run these people over.

It’s all out there for the taking right now.” — Dana White

Everyone rails against the victim mentality that seems to be sweeping certain areas of the world.

I get it, you don’t want your town or country or species to go to hell because everyone has forgotten how to take some discomfort or deal with challenges in life.

But on another hand, this rampant fragility is your competitive advantage.

The bar has never been set lower.

A bit of consistency, a bit of intentionality, a bit of resilience and a gram of talent will make you into an absolute killer.

I also understand that you probably want to raise other people up along with you.

Having your greatness stand on the shoulders of the world’s fragility may seem exploitative.

And I love the idea of not just improving yourself but also changing those around you for the better.

But there’s a limit.

Your efforts are multiplied by 10x when building with the right people, and by 0.01x when building with the wrong people.

If someone refuses to alter their habits or update their worldview or improve their life, despite being given all the tools and encouragement they need by you, then they can stay where they are.

It is not your job to drown yourself by trying to keep others afloat who don’t want to change.

“Humans don’t mind hardship, in fact they thrive on it; what they mind is not feeling necessary.

Modern society has perfected the art of making people not feel necessary.” — Sebastian Junger

It’s easy to be savage when everyone else is a pussy.

But sometimes it’s hard to find a sidekick.


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This week’s upcoming episodes:

Robin Dunbar – the evolutionary story of human friendship. Why are our social groups so complex? How does friendship work? Why did everyone kill each other if there was more than 90 in a tribe? So good.

Ben Carpenter – what does science say about fat loss? No BS evidence-based lessons on the biology and psychology of losing fat and dieting.

Not sure yet. Maybe Alex Hormozi on some of his harshest insights about human nature.


Not all dads are deadbeats.

“From 1965 to 2016, the amount of time fathers reported spending on care for their children nearly tripled.

These days, dads constitute 17% of all stay-at-home parents, up from 10% in 1989.

Today, fathers are just as likely as mothers to say that being a parent is ‘extremely important to their identity’.

They are also just as likely to describe parenting as ‘rewarding’.” — Pew Research Centre

Taking value from your vanity as you age is a losing battle.

Your looks are a depreciating asset.

Your mind is an appreciating asset.

Invest your self-worth wisely.

Making a jumper may be better than some sex.

“If as a female during a hookup I only have a 10% chance of an orgasm from a 22yr old man who has been marinading in porn since he was 11, I may as well take up knitting or start an OnlyFans.

Part of me doesn’t blame them.” — Mary Harrington


Pour other people’s drinks.

A habit I picked up from a friend who’s obsessed with Asia.

In certain Asian cultures like Korea, you’re not supposed to pour your own drink.

I have no other way to describe it than it feels really nice and fulfilling to be the person topping up your friends’ sparkling water over dinner.

Highly recommended.

Big love,
Chris x

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Confirmed two absolute monster guests including one world-first podcast feature. Also I’m going to be in Manchester, UK in 2 weeks time hosting a couple of live conversations for a brand you’ll know well. Info coming soon.


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