3 Minute Monday – Self-Worth, Death & Narcissism

3 Minute Monday

Hi friend,

Tomorrow I fly to New York City to record a full length podcast with one of the hottest comedians in the world.

Andrew Schulz is finally coming on Modern Wisdom.

The full film crew including Video Guy Dean is flying out for this, I can’t wait for this one.

Episode goes live next Monday.

#BigDecember continues with a huge episode today featuring Derek from More Plates More Dates as we get inside his Liver King exposé documentary which broke the internet.

Listen here.

This week I was reminded of a passage from Turning Pro which I had forgotten…

“The amateur is a narcissist.

He views the world hierarchically.

He continuously rates himself in relation to others, becoming self-inflated if his fortunes rise, and desperately anxious if his star should fall.

The amateur sees himself as the hero, not only of his own movie, but of the movies of others.

He insists (in his mind, if nowhere else) that others share this view.” — Steven Pressfield

It’s the externalised inflating-and-anxious-cycle that really hit me there.

Do you really want to outsource your sense of self worth to the people around you?

Or the economy’s conditions?

Or the mood of the person who you just tried to speak to?

Or how well your partner slept last night.

Or what some unknown person said on Twitter?

You must find somewhere firmer for your self-worth to stand.

You cannot allow yourself to be buffeted around at the mercy of things outside you.

You’re built for more.

More resilience, more attention, more mindfulness.


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This week’s upcoming episodes:

Derek from MPMD – the Liver King Lie, the dangers of Testosterone Replacement Therapy, his opinion on Andrew Huberman, whether NoFap is legit and more.

Mark Normand – one of my favourite comedians explains his pursuit of excellence, why Cocaine Bear is a cinematic masterpiece and why he fancies Ru Paul.

Dr Russell Kennedy – a holistic, forward-thinking approach for people who are anxious all the time and can’t work out why.


It’s all going to end, very soon, enjoy it.

“At your funeral, your friends and family will argue over who gets what.

People will want food to eat.

The topic will shift from your life to their lives.

They’ll drive away thinking about their looming to-do list.

Some people won’t be able to make it because ‘something came up’

And we worry about…a low performing post on social media.

Or what someone “thinks of us”.

Or a bad customer review.

Or whether we’re going to finish our to do list in time.

We die like we go to sleep.

With things unsaid and unfinished.

The only judge who has complete context on our lives, dies with us.

A reminder of the heavy weight we place on things that matter little.”

— Alex Hormozi

The Tocqueville Paradox.

As the living standards in a society rise, the people’s expectations of the society rise with it.

The rise in expectations eventually surpasses the rise in living standards, inevitably resulting in disaffection (and sometimes populist uprisings). — Gurwinder Bhogal

Narcissism and enlightenment don’t mix.

“Your inner growth is completely dependent upon the realisation that the only way to find peace and contentment is to stop thinking about yourself.” — Michael Singer


Hack Productivity With The Zeigarnik Effect.

Our brains are goal-focused, so we have better recall of unfinished tasks than finished ones.

This is the reason that TV series finish episodes on cliff-hangers.

You can exploit this by taking your breaks halfway through tasks.

If you write, end the day mid-sentence so that when you return you’ll find it easier to get rolling again.

h/t Gurwinder.

Big love,
Chris x

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