3 Minute Monday – Time, Numbers & Babies

3 Minute Monday

Hi friend,

I have very exciting news.

I’ve wanted to launch a Modern Wisdom Community for a long time.

Somewhere where everyone can get together and connect with me and other like-minded people.

It’s weird right, because I live & breathe the podcast.

Researching, scheduling, recording, reflecting on the episodes and guests I speak to, writing this newsletter, creating YouTube videos.

It’s a huge part of my life.

And I know tons of you dedicate a lot of time to consuming it as well.

Some of you never miss an episode. (big up)

But it’s an isolated experience because there’s no place for us to all come together.

Everyone’s listening to this stuff and has tons of thoughts about it, but nowhere to talk about it.

So next Monday 18th October I’m launching a Modern Wisdom Community.

A place everyone can join to discuss episodes, share insights, hacks, articles, memes, workouts, wins, fails, everything.

You’ll also get access to extra episodes, Q&A livestreams and other exclusive content.

You’ll be able to contact me directly with thoughts, suggestions for guests, stories I should react to or life hacks for me Jonny & Yusef to test.

And it’ll be free to join.

If you want to support the show, you’ll be able to contribute for additional content (I’m late to the party I know I know), but everyone can join for free.


“Your sanity’s secret weapon.”

Details on how to join for free will be in next Monday’s Newsletter.

Onto this week…

I’ve been thinking about how quickly life can seem to pass.

As we get older, our days move quickly because in retrospect, we can’t remember them.

And we don’t remember our days because we haven’t done anything memorable with them.

Our time is forgettable and therefore we forget it.

This is why I’m so triggered by people who say “That’s just the way I am and always will be”.


That’s someone who has internalised the monotony of their own thought patterns SO deeply that they literally identify with them.


Monotony is the enemy of a well remembered life.

In order to slow down how fast your life seems like it’s going, you MUST give your brain a reason to pay attention.

Leading a full life means having lots of varied experiences, that will later be memorable.

This means you need to start saying yes to more new things and no to more of the same things.

Even if you’ve never wanted to try salsa dancing or yoga or an open mic comedy night, saying yes will guarantee that you create some novel and intense memories.

Sure it might be easier to stay on the couch instead of going out.

But you know that you won’t recall a single thing if you spend yet another night watching Netflix.

Whereas you’ll have tons of new memories if you go and do something new.

Which in retrospect, makes time pass more slowly.

Life doesn’t move faster as you get older, we’re all just paying less attention.

Mindfulness is one solution.

Regular experiences that drag your mind into enjoying the present is another.


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This week’s upcoming episodes:

Robert Greene – 12 lessons on power & human nature from the 5-Times NYT Best Seller. His new one-page-a-day book The Daily Laws is out today and it’s very legit.

Zack Telander – more broscience talk as we discuss Dave Chapelle’s new special, Jon Jones’ arrest, the female orgasm, forcing men to get vasectomies, Zack’s online war with Men’s Health and more.

Gurwinder Bhogal – 15 mental models to understand human psychology. Absolute beast of an episode after I discovered Gurwinder on Twitter. For fans of Jordan Peterson, Adam Lane Smith & George Mack.


The Law of Very Large Numbers.

“Given a wide enough dataset, any pattern can be observed.

A million to one odds happen 8 times a day in NYC (population 8 million).

The world hasn’t become crazier, we’re just seeing more of everything.” — Gurwinder Bhogal

“You can ignore reality but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” — Carl Benjamin

People love making babies.

Out of wedlock births in England and Wales:

1801: 5 percent

1845: 7 percent

1901: 5 percent

1951: 4 percent

1992: 32 percent

2006: 43 percent

2018: 48 percent


The Appreciation Offer.

Ask a friend “Is there anything I can do to make your life/business easier/better? I’m happy to give you a hand if you can think of something that you need a little hand with. The offer’s there.”

The number of times I’ve done this for buddies and they’ve been shocked, delighted and appreciative is crazy.

We care enough about our friends to help them, but we’re all so busy that we forget to remind them that the offer’s there.

You’ll end up giving someone a lift to the airport or reviewing their business or giving them feedback on a new advert or something.

To you it’s half an hour of work.

To your friend it’s a memorable pledge that you really care about them.

Big love,
Chris x

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