3 Minute Monday – Women’s Bums, Cynicism & Inaction

3 Minute Monday

Hi friend,

The final release of tickets for the upgraded Manchester date of my UK & Ireland Tour sold out in hours yesterday.

That’s everything all gone now, absolutely wild response for these shows, thank you!

Fear not – I will be doing more dates, further across the planet in 2024.

For the people who snagged a ticket, see you in November!

Anyway, today is a bit of a rant.

“On social media, fools feel clever by mocking bigger fools, and scoundrels feel virtuous by condemning bigger scoundrels.

We feel good simply by portraying others as worse.

In an age of anxiety & inaction, many seek self-esteem not in their own abilities, but in other’s failures.” — Gurwinder Bhogal

This is one of my least favourite trends.

I am honestly so bored of cynicism on the internet I might just start a Toxic Positivity trend to try and offset it.

I’m sick of seeing comment sections just filled with self-defeating, world-hating nihilists who are adamant that the world is against them and it’s people who have goals that are the issue.

People whose faux-virtue stands on the shoulders of others’ shortcomings.

Gesturing at the public failure of everyone else in the hope that their own actions never get scrutinised.

Cynicism is a guarded response.

You’re setting yourself up against disappointment.

Its role within the system is to protect you against experiencing anything bad.

It is a pre-emptive strike against a perceived threat.

If I tell myself that ‘all women are bad’, then I’m less likely to seek a relationship with women and, as a consequence, I’m never going to feel the pain of rejection.

If I tell myself that ‘everything is shit’ or that ‘things will never get better’, then I am excused of ever having to try at anything.

It’s more comfortable to get fatalistic and call it pragmatism.

The cope is framing hope as pathetic and embarrassing and optimism as delusion.

It’s “sour grapes” at an existential level.

If everything sucks, and everyone is horrible, and reality is disappointing and you know that for a fact, it’s the people acting like things can be better that are dumb, delusional and the problem.

The upside of never trying is never having to feel the pain of failure.

Get fucked bro. I don’t want your influence within 1000 miles of my life.

“It’s good to criticise the vile aspects of the world, but there is nothing more vile than to do nothing about it and convince others to do the same.” — Ryan Lazarus

Believing in hope is a better way to live.

You should do the same.

“Choosing to see the good in things (while not being naive) is a superpower.” — Chasing Adaptation


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Matthew Hussey – the world’s #1 female dating coach gives his perspective on why men & women are struggling, motherhood, finding meaning in life & more. This was a huge production in LA, watch on YouTube.

Richard Shotton – one of my favourite behavioural economists explains 8 psychological tricks that companies use to manipulate you and advertise their products.

Ryan Terry – the UK’s most successful fitness competitor breaks down his training, life philosophy, approach to business, challenges with blending a family life with work & more.


Sticking your bum out is a threat display.

“Women’s lordotic posture can trigger feelings of competition and threat among other women, study suggests.

Previous research has demonstrated that men are captivated by the arched back of a woman.

Results showed that the more arched the back of the 3D model, the more attractive it was rated.

Eye-tracking technology revealed that men looked at the hip regions of the models for longer periods of time as the curvature increased.

Three similar studies found that lordotic posture in women was associated with higher ratings of sexual receptivity as well.

This was true regardless of whether the women were standing upright, on their hands and knees, or lying down on their back.

But a similar effect was not observed for men’s arched back postures.

“It suggests that an arched back posture in women is perceived as an indicator of sexual receptivity by both men and women across different body postures.”

Women also perceive other women in more arched-back postures as more threatening to their relationships, and they were less likely to show such images to their partners.”

“Overall, these findings suggest that lordosis posture is a signal of sexual receptivity in women and that this signal can trigger feelings of competition and threat among other women.” — h/t PsyPost & William Costello

Interestingly, these studies say nothing about whether lordotic women actually are more sexually receptive, only that this is how they are perceived by other males & females.

There is a price to pay for inaction.

“A man who procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance.” ― Hunter S. Thompson

Women are to children what men are to women.

This week, Police in Texas say they believe a man killed five of his neighbours after an argument about him practicing shooting with a semi-automatic weapon nearby.

The victims were all from Honduras and included an eight-year-old child.

Among those killed were two women who were found lying on top of two surviving children.

In a similar situation, many people remember the 2012 shooting in Aurora, Colorado, during the Dark Knight Rises movie.

The shooter was a 24-year-old male.

Fewer recall how, in the midst of this onslaught, there was an astounding demonstration of heroism: Three men (ages 24, 26, and 27) threw themselves on top of their girlfriends, taking bullets as they used their bodies as physical shields to protect their partners during the gunfire.

All three men died.

All three women survived. — h/t Rob Henderson


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Big love,
Chris x

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