3 Minute Monday – Anxiety, Breakups & Ventriloquism

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, “Life has to win every day, death only has to win once.” — Roy Baumeister This is the foundation of the negativity bias. When emotions of equal intensity occur, things of a more negative nature have a greater effect on our psychological state than neutral or positive things. In other […]

3 Minute Monday – Jocko, Friendships & LGBTQIA+

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, Jocko Willink is coming on Modern Wisdom. I’m flying out to San Diego at the start of July to record with him, cinema production team, amazing location, full works. I cannot wait for this. Jocko & Huberman in the space of 2 weeks is going to be wild. Let’s gooooo!!! […]

3 Minute Monday – Jealousy, Chads & Racism

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, Andrew Huberman is coming on Modern Wisdom. I’m recording with him here in Austin at the end of the month. Full production team, 6K cinema cameras, gorgeous location, the full works. Andrew is one of the most requested guests ever, I really can’t wait to get this one recorded. I’m […]

3 Minute Monday – Love Island, Gay Pride & Einstein

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, This Thursday June 9th, me and Rob Henderson are doing a meet-up in Austin. 6.30pm-9.30pm at Cosmic Coffee. 121 Pickle Rd, Austin, TX 78704. If you want to have a chat and meet some other interesting people then come down, friends are welcome to join too. Also – I’m returning […]

3 Minute Monday – Role Models, Fathers & Basketball

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, I just got back from a weekend in San Francisco for Mikhaila Peterson’s wedding. Seeing my friends be happy makes me feel very good. There was more than just beef, salt and water served for dinner too which was a pleasant surprise. I also finally got to meet Rob Henderson […]

3 Minute Monday – Data-Driven Happiness, NASA & Beauty

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, What things in life truly make us happy in life is a difficult question. The things we think will make us happy in advance often end up being hollow when they arrive. And there is a large chunk of things we often don’t think to do which would actually give […]

3 Minute Monday – Corruption, Sex Work & Corpses

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, I made it back from Guatemala in one piece. My trip ended up taking a fair bit longer than I expected so I went full Alan Partridge Travel Tavern Mode living in the hotel I’d only intended being at for a few days but I got the job done… I […]

3 Minute Monday – Remembering, Penguins & Risk

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, Laura Vanderkam is a time management expert. In my podcast with her in 2018 she talked about how there are 3 selves which make up our lives… The Anticipating Self, is the one who looks forward to experiences which are yet to come. The Present Self, or experiencing self is […]

3 Minute Monday – Expectations, Svetlana & Selfridges

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, My favourite studies that I’ve learned about this year are from my conversation with David Robson about his book The Expectation Effect. Listen to the full episode here on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Self-reports of gluten intolerances have increased 10x from 3% to 30% over the last decade. Researchers wanted to find out what […]

3 Minute Monday – Risk, Sexless Men & Messiahs

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, Douglas Murray is on the show today. Listen now on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. He told me about a story from Philip Larkin the English poet and novelist. Larkin said:“I felt like I’d been shunted to the side of my own life”. Oftentimes there’s a thing we must do, something we’re called or […]