3 Minute Monday – Golden Years, Sex & Paydays

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, I’ve just got back from Nashville where I had dinner with Jordan & Mikhaila. The nation of Canada is licking its wounds after I roundly obliterated the Peterson family in a dance-off to country music. Plus I have some very exciting Peterson-related news for 2022 to announce soon. I also […]

3 Minute Monday – Potential, Pickleball & Soulmates

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, I played pickleball for the first time this week and have decided to turn professional. Some have called me the most revolutionary player in a generation. This is not for me to judge, however there will be pickleball references throughout every episode from here on out. Anyway, I’ve been thinking […]

3 Minute Monday – Executing, Drugs & Grandparents

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, “Strategising is easy but execution is hard” — Chris McChesney It’s a sad fact about life that we are all drawn to strategising much more than we are to executing. In fact, LinkedIn says that “strategic” is one of the most overused words on all profiles, while interestingly “execution’ didn’t […]

3 Minute Monday – Success, Nipples & News

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, I just released the 400th Modern Wisdom episode. Which is a crazy sentence to type. Your support is amazing. You are the best, most radically sensible, beautifully curious audience on the internet and you make my life immeasurably better. Thank you. This week in Texas has been hectic. I’ve met […]

3 Minute Monday – Routines, Dates & YouTube

3 Minute Monday Howdy friend, ​Join the Modern Wisdom Community to connect with me and 1500+ other people who all listen to the show. I’ve landed in Texas without any catastrophic incidents. Didn’t get stopped at the border for importing enough recording equipment to turn pro on OnlyFans. I’m considering it a success. Anyway, I wanted […]

3 Minute Monday – Audience Capture, Certainty & Cheating

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, Some exciting news – I’m going to Texas. I shall be landing in Austin this Friday for a few weeks and eating all their brisket and lifting all their heavy things. Srs tho I’m very excited for this. I’ll be catching up with Malice and Aubrey and Zack Telander and […]

3 Minute Monday – Questions, Height & Bullshit

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, I’m back from Italy. FYI – some of Europe is strict AF on covid restrictions still. Masks everywhere, proof of vaccination or test before entering any public transport or restaurants. Heavy. I rode a Vespa through the Tuscan Hills, did a cycling tour of Florence, went to see an orchestra […]

3 Minute Monday – Distraction, Miniskirts & Masculinity

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, In case you missed it, the Modern Wisdom Community is now live. Over 1000 people have joined in one week which is… insane. ​Join now for exclusive episodes, discussions, vibes, red pills & dog photos.​ I’ve been thinking about how tech use impacts our conversations. Conversations are the most human […]

3 Minute Monday – Overthinking, Creators & China

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, Today is very exciting, the Modern Wisdom Community is now live.​ There’s an exclusive episode with Jonny & Yusef waiting for you as a welcome gift. ​Press here to join.​ I’ve always been interested in great conversations. That’s why I’m starting a space on Locals where we can create a positive […]

3 Minute Monday – Time, Numbers & Babies

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, I have very exciting news. I’ve wanted to launch a Modern Wisdom Community for a long time. Somewhere where everyone can get together and connect with me and other like-minded people. It’s weird right, because I live & breathe the podcast. Researching, scheduling, recording, reflecting on the episodes and guests […]