3 Minute Monday – Squirting, Things & Haters

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, I recorded 4 Modern Wisdom Cinema episodes in London and had 2 laser eye surgery procedures this week. Rather intense, but I have survived, and now I can read things without squinting! Anyway, last week I gave a bunch of talks in Brighton and recited one of my favourite passages […]

3 Minute Monday – Tribes, Childlessness & Productivity

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, “You can gauge someone’s ignorance by the number of phenomena they explain with the same answer. Those who blame many different issues (e.g. war, poverty, pollution) on just 1 cause (e.g. capitalism) are recycling explanations because the demand for answers outstrips their supply.” — Gurwinder Bhogal We could call this […]

3 Minute Monday – Gods, Cats & Workaholics

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, Another monster episode today, this time with Eric Weinstein. 3+ hours covering absolutely everything from physics to conspiracies. Plus Eric played a ukulele-sized guitar for 5 minutes to explain how human emotions work. Go listen now on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Anyway, this week I’ve been thinking about the price people pay for […]

3 Minute Monday – Freedom, Liberals & Love

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, “Fuck-you money” is a meme but it’s also a truth. There is an amount of wealth you can achieve when typical restrictions and conventions no longer apply to you. You don’t need to suck up to the gatekeepers. You don’t need to do things you don’t want to do. In […]

3 Minute Monday – Male Blame, Black Dresses & Delusion

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, Today is the day! One of the most anticipated episodes I’ve done this year with Alex Hormozi is now live. Go listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. In other news… I’ve had a lot of conversations about masculinity on Modern Wisdom recently with some really fascinating guests. But publicly trying to work out […]

3 Minute Monday – Cards, Crime & Truth

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, Ok so last week was wild. I recorded episodes in Austin Monday, Tuesday, Vegas Thursday, LA Friday Friday, Saturday Saturday and Sunday, plus a live event Sunday evening. Those episodes were so much fun it’s insane and I absolutely cannot wait to release them. Up first is an episode with […]

3 Minute Monday – Tall Girls, Fear & Complaints

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, This week is intense. 8 episodes in 7 days across 3 states. Some long-time requested guests plus a monster returning guest in Vegas. I’m also at Gymshark Lift LA this Saturday and Sunday. Hold on tight! I’ve been thinking about how hard we try to control our lives this week. […]

3 Minute Monday – Advice, Mothers & Liberals

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, It’s Sam Harris podcast day! Go listen now on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Here’s another lesson I learned from Sam… I asked him about why our minds are their own worst enemies sometimes. Why we can be so much meaner to ourselves than we ever would be to the people around us. “To […]

3 Minute Monday – Insults, Rough Sex & Questions

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, I just got back from another huge Modern Wisdom Cinema production in LA. This time it was a 3+ hour conversation with the neuroscientist and moral philosopher Sam Harris. Sam was one of the biggest influences on my thinking in my 20’s and part of the inspiration for starting Modern […]

3 Minute Monday – Polyamory, Monk Mode & Game

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, I’m off to LA this Friday for another huge episode. A bucket list guest who I’ve wanted on the show ever since it started. Can’t wait to record this one. Anyway, this week I’ve been thinking about The Dark Side Of Monk Mode. Monk Mode has grown to huge popularity […]