3 Minute Monday – Self-Worth, Death & Narcissism

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, Tomorrow I fly to New York City to record a full length podcast with one of the hottest comedians in the world. Andrew Schulz is finally coming on Modern Wisdom. The full film crew including Video Guy Dean is flying out for this, I can’t wait for this one. Episode […]

3 Minute Monday – Presence, Stupidity and Sex

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, This week kicks off probably the wildest month of big names on Modern Wisdom that I’ve ever had. Starting with standup comedian and Protect Our Parks member Mark Normand in Austin on Tuesday. Then Derek from More Plates More Dates in Austin this Saturday. Les gohhhhhhh. I saw a great […]

3 Minute Monday – Neediness, Attraction & Kafka

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, “Neediness occurs when you place a higher priority on what others think of you than what you think of yourself. Any time you alter your words or behavior to fit someone else’s needs rather than your own, that is needy. Any time you lie about your interests, hobbies, or background, […]

3 Minute Monday – Haters, Germans & Broke Singletons

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, Holding multiple viewpoints at the same time is the mark of a good thinker. For all that the internet has given us unlimited access to the entire archive of human knowledge, I’m not sure if it’s made our thinking much better. I regularly see posts online disregarding what a person […]

3 Minute Monday – Inaction, Foodie-Calls & Vocabulary

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, “Contemplate the price you pay for inaction. You’re already in a little hell, you know perfectly well it’s going to get worse. The thing about inaction is that you’re blind to it, do not make the assumption that inaction has no price.” — Jordan Peterson When you’re stuck with a […]

3 Minute Monday – Caffeine, Porn & Victimhood

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, “Caffeine equips us to cope with a world caffeine helped us create.” — Michael Pollan Before we get started, I want to state up front that I like caffeine. I’ve been taking it in one form or another for 16 years. I also realise that many people are existentially attached […]

3 Minute Monday – Self-Consciousness, Children & Baseball

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, Here’s some short reflections o dealing with self-consciousness… “Stop worrying so much about other people liking you. Most people don’t even like themselves.” — Carnivore Aurelius This is something I’ve realised as I’ve tried to deprogram my own self-consciousness over the last few years. I always thought that other humans […]

3 Minute Monday – Productivity, Idiots & Earnings

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, For a long time when I first started Modern Wisdom I was focussed on productivity and optimising my life. Strategies, tools, apps, books and biases that would improve daily efficiency. My presumption was that pretty much everything would be fixed if I just got more focussed and applied more effective […]

3 Minute Monday – The Thing, Astrology & Insults

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, “Preparing to do the thing isn’t doing the thing. Scheduling time to do the thing isn’t doing the thing. Making a to-do list for the thing isn’t doing the thing. Telling people you’re going to do the thing isn’t doing the thing. Messaging friends who may or may not be […]

3 Minute Monday – Principles, Nipples & Sandwiches

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, “The young man knows the rules, but the old man knows the exceptions.” — Oliver Wendell Holmes This is what comes along with wisdom. It’s simple to have a rote set of practises that you follow, but true mastery is knowing where the edges of those rules lie. “In the […]