3 Minute Monday – Dreamers, Buttons & Orgasms

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, “Talking about the thing and doing the thing vie for the same resources. Allocate your energy appropriately.” — Ryan Holiday This is an insight I’ve been thinking about for ages. It’s actually represented within our brains too. Talking about our plans gives us a small reward, a dump of dopamine. […]

3 Minute Monday – Jocko, Friendships & LGBTQIA+

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, Jocko Willink is coming on Modern Wisdom. I’m flying out to San Diego at the start of July to record with him, cinema production team, amazing location, full works. I cannot wait for this. Jocko & Huberman in the space of 2 weeks is going to be wild. Let’s gooooo!!! […]

3 Minute Monday – Slut-Shaming, High Heels & Mastery

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, I’ve been reading Geoffrey Miller and Tucker Max’s book Mate this week. In it, they talk about slut-shaming and why it’s emerged… “Female promiscuity has a “tragedy of the commons” effect in the mating market.If one woman offers blowjobs on the second date, it’s harder for other women to keep […]

3 Minute Monday – A Christmas Present, Alcohol & Blame

3 Minute Monday Hi friend, Like the loving, caring cult leader that I am, I thought I’d give everyone an early Christmas present, so I’ve created the Modern Wisdom Annual Review Template. It’s the exact process I use every December to review the last 12 months, celebrate wins, learn lessons and make a plan for […]

3MM: Failure, Cats and Goals

Hi friend, welcome to the first ever 3 Minute Monday. Before we enter into this email-relationship, let me tell you why I’m here… ​ I love learning about the world, recording podcasts with fascinating humans, finding interesting content and discovering better ways to live. My goal is to compile the best of these insights every […]